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Our weekend podcast features an interview with Elaine Maag, an expert at the Tax Policy Center, on Obama’s budget proposal released last week–a proposal that is both deeply regressive in terms of its treatment of poor people, and largely irrelevant to the ultimate budgetary struggles in the beltway. Elaine is always a great guest, and her insights will surely provoke thought and debate across the progressive spectrum.

“Whatever the final outcome of the struggle to maintain collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin,” we write on our Economics page, “the events of last week mark a significant shift in contemporary American politics.” You can read that editorial here. It covers several themes, from GOP lies about public sector employees to the role of the capitalist-fascist Koch brothers in the offensive against unions and collective bargaining power.

Conservative cheerleader Debbie Schlussel reminded us this week of what the right wing is all about when she celebrated the rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan–and even found a way to include a diaper-load of anti-Islamic rhetoric in the process.

Finally, don’t forget that there will be a strike against corporate personhood in September. It’s not too early to jump in and join in the planning process for what will be a historic mass action.

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