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midweek news jog

Ann Coulter will speak at the University of Wyoming in just over 24 hours. As we’ve previously mentioned, a group of UW students have come up with what is, in this editor’s opinion, a great strategy for fundraising for GLBT groups: For every minute Coulter spews her bitter, shallow rhetoric, you can donate to a

I’d Like Some Sex Ed, but Hold the Sex, Please

On Monday, the North Dakota Senate approved a bill that requires schools to promote abstinence-based sex education: “An amendment introduced by Sen. Larry Luick, R-Fairmont, rewrote the bill, requiring schools to ‘explain why abstinence from sexual activity until marriage provides safety from sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and other associated health issues.’ Sen. Terry Wanzek, R-Jamestown,

I’ve Had Enough: Obama, You’re Out

It’s very clear that the Republicans and Tea Party folks criticize Obama for ridiculous reasons that have very little substance, but we on the left, particularly those of us who describe ourselves as “progressive,” criticize him too, but for entirely different reasons.  There are a number of strong supporters of the President who believe that

their spirituality and ours: fasting for the poor vs celebrating earthquakes

We probably didn’t need another indicator of the vast theological, ideological, and ethical divide between the religious left and the religious right. We already know that one side seeks positive and progressive engagement with the world, mediated through their theology of course, but nevertheless firmly committed to material improvements. The relgious left believes the answer

nuke power, renewables, and the rhetoric of economic correctness

In the long run,renewable energy is more economically and environmentally viable than either carbon or nuclear energy. In the short run, we’re closer than we might suspect in some ways, even if formidable structural barriers exist elsewhere. In the This description of the Latin American context could is typical of most of the world: Industrializing

The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction: Methane, Propaganda & the Architects of Genocide | Part IV

This is the fourth and final instalment of an investigative report uncovering and analyzing a global plan to capture and utilize the ocean’s store of methane hydrates. The investigation reflects upon the decades of planning coordinated by the world’s most powerful institutions, including the global banking and investment corporations, global fossil fuel energy corporations, United

Cold Case Democracy: Part Two – Smash and Grab

“There have been two principal aspects to the growth of democracy in this century (20th): the extension of the popular franchise (e.g. the right to vote) and the growth of the union movement.  These developments have presented corporations with potential threats to their power…”  Alex Carey & Andrew Lohrey, “Taking the Risk Out of Democracy”

Thursday Morning Highlights

ON OUR LAW PAGE: Vi Ransel on the history of the legal fiction of corporate personhood: There has never been a court – state, federal or supreme – that decided corporations are “persons” rather than “artificial persons.” And those courts were wise not to have done so, because while such a decision would have secured

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