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National Day of Action, SLC, March 19, 2011

Noon on March 19, 2011 proved to be cold and windy in Salt Lake City, which is not at all unusual for March in any city in the Rockies. A coalition of peace activists joined in the National Day of Action for a march around Washington Square, the home of the Salt Lake City/County building and a rally at the Utah State Capitol building. The date marked the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and members of Veterans for Peace (VFP), Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), and Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) were present.

I reported for our Shared Sacrifice podcast from the location and asked Aaron Davis, the go-go guy for anti-war returning vets in SLC, to say a few words to the listeners. Later, during the march, Andy Figorski, a local comedian and anti-war protestor agreed to say a few words. You can listen to the podcast here.

After marching two times around the block at Washington Square, the group marched to the state capitol building, while shouting such radical slogans as: “Fund Education, Not Occupation”, “Books Not Bombs!”, and “No Justice, No Peace”. Once at the capitol, the group listened to a series of anti-war and anti-imperialist speakers, an Iraq veteran who courageously admitted to having been admitted for psychiatric care after his experience in the war, and were even treated to a good old fashioned round of anti-war folk music.

Here are some pictures from the march the rally:

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