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It’s been a busy week here at Politicalcontext.org.

Editor Matt J. Stannard has two new editorials this week: a brand new piece on Saudi Arabia and the bourgeois media’s stoking fears of a revolution there, and a piece lamenting our worship of celebrities during Oscar season.

Speaking of the Oscars, we’re fortunate to have award winning journalist Walter Brasch contributing to Politicalcontext.org now, and his first piece rips ABC News for its shallow, self-serving reporting concerning the Academy Awards. But you’ll also want to check out Brasch’s new piece dismantling the GOP spin (okay, we’ll call them lies) on the labor struggles in Wisconsin.

As the right, and the liberals, try to scare us into accepting devastating austerity against the poor, it’s important that our readers study and share this interview with Marshall Auerback of Economists for Peace and Security, who patiently explains why the current deficit pales in comparison to the one we survived during the Depression, and why deficits aren’t bad, and why the rhetorical obsession with balanced budgets makes no economic sense.

Quaker Dave joined our blogging team this week, with two outstanding pieces, one on the uprisings in Libya, and another on the effort by legally ignorant, but politically savvy, haters in Tennessee to make Islam illegal. Yeah, you’re reading that correctly. Sheesh.

Russell Arben Fox reviewed Erik Olin Wright’s Envisioning Real Utopias at a recent lecture reprinted here.

Finally, if you haven’t already read this, take a look at KosmosBen’s personal story about his exodus away from fundamentalist Christianity.

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