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Archives for July 2011

Green Party of Kentucky Forms

From Joseph Gerth at the Louisville Courier-Journal, interesting and encouraging news about the newest state Green Party: Tired of Democrats and Republicans who don’t speak to the issues or solve the problems important to them, about 35 people gathered Saturday in Anderson County to form the Green Party of Kentucky… Geoff Young, a retired state government


Capitalism Crumbles, Rich Kids Fly to Camp, and the Anger Grows

Forget the debt ceiling debacle–making the U.S. Congress the laughingstock of the developed world–for a moment. It’s not just government breaking down. The economy is contracting–maybe collapsing–and society as we know it may well collapse right along with it. Apocalyptic, you say? Overly dramatic? Glenn Beck-esque? Perhaps. But I’m not the only one on this

“10 Commandments Judge” Running for Presidency

The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was removed from office for defying the Constitution and a federal court order is now one of 14 major candidates running for the Republican nomination for the presidency. by Walter Brasch Alabama’s Court of the Judiciary unanimously had ordered Roy S. Moore removed from office in

Blood on the Lens

by Walter Brasch “If it bleeds, it leads” is local TV’s aphorism that dictates its belief that fires, car crashes, and shootings lead off the nightly newscast. These stories, of course, are more “visual” and easier to cover than poverty, worker exploitation, and the health care crisis. But, now and then, it’s hard to find

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