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Archives for September 15, 2011


Interview with Stephen Shenfield, Spokesperson, World Socialist Party of the U.S.

If you’re occasionally taken aback by the number of socialist, anti-capitalist and otherwise radical-left parties in the United States and worldwide, this interview may not fully satisfy you. However, if you are equally impressed with the thoughtfulness, critical-mindedness, and honesty of many members of such groups, this interview will impress you. And if you have


Interview with Bob McNeil, Presidential Candidate, American Citizen Party

The American Citizen Party calls itself a “revolutionary” party. Its home page asks readers: “Would you participate in a revolution if you were assured that the end result would be more freedom and prosperity than you have ever experienced in your lifetime? Would you participate in a revolution if you were assured that, in the


Tar Sands Action and the Paralysis of a Movement

Part I of an investigative report Only Death Will Save Us “Only death will save us. Mediocrity begets mediocrity. It is tragic that the conditioning of civil society is so deep – that most everything relevant beating them on the head is received as nothing more than a cool breeze.” — Harold One Feather What