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occupy flyer

Call for Action – Occupy Oakland General Strike 11/2

The stated purpose of the General Strike is as follows: To stand in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement; To end police attacks on our communities; To defend Oakland schools and libraries; To stand against an economic system built on inequality and corporate power that perpetuates racism, sexism and the destruction of the environment


10 Most Idiotic Tweets Concerning #OccupyWallStreet: 10/29/11 Edition

Like zombies, ghouls, and CEOs, they’re back, but not as much fun to watch burn in gasoline-drenched piles. Here are a few of the latest annotated tweets from those feeling offended by the occupiers: 10. “I was rejected from #ows #occupywallstreet because I didn’t have a feral, puerile world view” -professimous Maybe you didn’t give


“A Sign of the Times”

From Naomi Spencer’s “Notes on the Social Crisis in America” at the World Socialist Web Site: Philadelphia robberies attributed to hunger Philadelphia police report that three men and a teenaged boy arrested in connection with multiple robberies said they committed the crimes because they suffered from hunger. None of the suspects, aged 38, 21, 19,


Have You Been Listening to Political Context on Blog Talk Radio?

If you haven’t been listening to the Political Context podcast, you’ve been missing in-depth conversations with great progressive activists, organizers, writers and thinkers. All the podcasts are permanently archived at blogtalkradio.com, so you can listen to them and download them any time. We are also on iTunes! On October 20, Christine Owens, Executive Director of


Occupation & Infiltrati​on: Questions Regarding 15October.​net

Cross-posted at wrongkindofgreen.org. We now witness what has quickly become nothing less than a massive scramble by the institutional left and U.S. Democratic Party to jump on board and attempt to co-opt the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. Of course, that witness requires assuming the ‘occupation’ movement was not co-opted from the beginning. Many questions arise

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