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Have You Been Listening to Political Context on Blog Talk Radio?

If you haven’t been listening to the Political Context podcast, you’ve been missing in-depth conversations with great progressive activists, organizers, writers and thinkers. All the podcasts are permanently archived at blogtalkradio.com, so you can listen to them and download them any time. We are also on iTunes!

On October 20, Christine Owens, Executive Director of the National Employment Law Project, joined us to discuss both federal and state failure to ensure continued benefits for the unemployed in the midst of the worst economic conditions in 70 years. Also, journalist and activist Cryn Johannsen came on board to discuss the Occupy movement, and the ultimatum by greedy Wall Street bastards to the Democratic Party: stop flirting with the prols or we’ll stop giving your candidates millions of dollars.

On October 13, we spoke with Russell Arben Fox and Ann Garrison. Professor Fox, the head of Political Science at Friends University, is a frequent contributor to politicalcontext.org, and an expert on egalitarian social movements. He was excited about the Occupy movement, and speculated on its possible directions based on what history has taught us about populist-egalitarian movements. Ms. Garrison has been a guest on our podcasts several times, and gave us the point of view of the Occupations of both San Francisco and Oakland. It was nice to have a Bay Area perspective.

Our guest October 6 was Jeff Musto, a public interest advocate and researcher for the Center for Study of Responsive Law. Jeff joined us to discuss the manufactured “postal service crisis” and specific policy solutions to save the U.S. Posal Service.

Finally, you will want to listen to our September 29 show. We interviewed Carrie Stone, the West Virginia-based activist who walked from her home state to Washington, D.C. to join in egalitarian protests, and politicalcontext.org science writer Cory Morningstar, who has been an unrelenting critic of the bourgeois environmental movement. In this particular interview, Morningstar had some important things to say about Tar Sands Action, a movement that succeeded in failing, since it was designed to do so.

You can listen to the Political Context podcast live every Thursday night at 11PM Mountain Time. Of course, if you can’t stay up that late, you can always listen to our archives–absolutely free.

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