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Venezuela a narco-state?

Representative Connie Mack had anticipated in November 2010, soon after the midterm elections Republican victory, that the first thing they would do when they took control of the House International Relations Committee would be to “take on Chavez.”   Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti November 22,2011 On November 8, 2011, the Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics


Penn State Trustees Violated State Law

The Penn State Board of Trustees may have several times violated state law for its failure to publicly announce meetings and how it handled the firing of Coach Joe Paterno. However, these violations may be the least of the Board’s worries, as it scrambles to reduce fall-out from the scandal that began with revelations that

Class Divide Hindering The UK Protest Against Banktocracy & Its Implications Globally

The global fallout from the Arab spring has galvanised a great number of nations around the world into direct action against their subservient leaders, who for so long have allowed the global banking elite to ride rough shot over any attempt to regulate their affairs. The irrefutable evidence that exposes how the banking elite have


Bernie Sanders Asks Americans: Which Side Are You On?

From Sen. Sanders’ Bernie Buzz: As a Thanksgiving deadline nears for action by the powerful congressional committee on deficit reduction, Bernie sounded an alarm over reports that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may be cut. “The American people have been very clear. They understand how important Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are to the well-being


The Sanctimonious Scavengers of the Penn State Scandal

There is nothing the media love more than a good celebrity sex scandal. Since the story of Scarlett Johansson’s purloined nude pictures had run its course, and the media squeezed every drop of ink it could from the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries engagement/wedding/marriage/divorce, they had to find something else to feed the beast with the insatiable


The West, the Rest and the Exploited

The Western empires have their days numbered, not just because emerging countries are catching up to them, but because they have corrupted their own system and made it unsustainable. Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti November 18, 2011 The conservative British historian Niall Ferguson argues in his latest book, Civilization: The West and the Rest, that “beginning

occupy portland

West Coast Occupy Camps’ Increased Vulnerability to Police Raids and Eviction

As the Occupy encampments continue to grow along the west coast, city officials have been taking action to ensure they do not last long. In just the last week, we’ve seen a heightened increase in policy raids, violence and threats to shut down camps in Oakland, Berkeley, Portland and other locations across the US. Police

Who pays for this pollution?

Bolivia-US​A: Morbid Relations Beyond Diplomacy

It’s no secret that diplomatic relations between a poor country and a hegemonic world power are frequently a montage. They are a pantomime written and directed by the stronger, showing it as a hero, and the weaker as a victim rescued from poverty, chaos, or ungovernability. Above all, it’s a theatrical piece meant to hide

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