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Secrets of the plan to attack Iran

The global press has reported on November 3 that Israel, with the support of the United Kingdom and the United States, is planning to invade Iran. That operation started to smell since the month of October, when US authorities stated that, according to the FBI, a member of the Iranian government, through another Iranian nationalized American residing in New York, hired in Mexico for 1.5 million dollars a hit man from one of the a drug cartels, who was in fact an undercover DEA agent, to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Washington. Clearly, it was the most stupid and childish plan in the history of crime, or the most creative operation of false flag terrorism.

Annie Machon, former MI5 secret agent, the British intelligence agency, explained that the name of these operations derives from an old naval strategy, in which warships hoisted the flag of a neutral country to approach the enemy and then attack them at close range. In the world of intelligence, that name is given to covert operations designed to carry out attacks and plant false evidence against third countries, a practice that has been very effective for the U.S., U.K. and Israel.

During the Second World War, the United States used British Intelligence to manufacture evidence against several Latin American governments, including the one of Gualberto Villarroel in Bolivia. Another recent case was the bomb attack in 1994 against the Israeli Embassy in London, for which they sentenced two Palestinian activists to 20 years in prison, although there was evidence that the attack was perpetrated by Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, in order to pressure London to raise the level of alert against the Arab world, victimize Israel before world public opinion, and gain the diplomatic support that it has always been looking for in its  dispute with the Palestinian people.

In the case of Libya, the invasion was justified by the story that Gaddafi was a dictator who mass-murdered his own people. Once again, the invasion was in the name of freedom and human rights. The international press implanted that theory on public opinion, but the evidence to the contrary was abundant, even though it was published only on social networks and alternative media. Gaddafi’s alleged massacres were never proven, but that fact did not stop the misinformation media machine. What it is well documented is that the World Health Organization reported in 2009 that Libya, under the command of Gaddafi, had one of the highest living standards in Africa, a low percentage of illiteracy, universal access to education, and overall a higher life expectancy compared to the rest of the continent.

The French political analyst Thierry Meysann said that Gaddafi had been accused several times in the past only to be exonerated later. In Germany, he was accused of a bombing a Berlin nightclub, but was later exonerated by the evidence found. In 1977 he was also accused of exploiting down a commercial airliner, but the lead researcher admitted years later that the main evidence found at the scene, the timing device of the bomb, was planted by the CIA and MOSSAD. Another witness later admitted having received $ 2 million to lie in court. The problem is that these truths always emerge too late, when world public opinion has already been manipulated.

The financial motivation of the operation in Libya is clear when taking into account that among the economic measures taken by NATO against Libya, besides the economic sanctions, was the withholding of all Libyan money deposited in foreign banks. Then they bombed the country, destroying much of its infrastructure. Libya was attacked not only for its oil, which is the most obvious reasons, but also because Gaddafi committed too many acts of defiance against the global forces of domination.

For some time, he had expressed his sympathy for the Bolivarian revolutionary model promoted by President Chavez. He had not only implemented social programs in his country, but also sponsored and funded them in poor countries in the region, allowing them to bypass the World Bank and IMF, institutions that use the credit they give as a control mechanism. He attacked the power of the dollar and the euro by promoting a new currency based on gold standard.

His business with France and the rest of Europe were important, therefore, when he threatened to pull money out of French banks to deposit in Chinese banks, and to stop selling oil to the former in order to sell it to China, he created for himself a group of very powerful enemies. Washington’s secret motivation to join NATO’s imperialism was the interest to crush an anti-system government that was not only defying its hegemony but also flirting too much with the new emerging powers like Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Gaddafi was attacked by the most dangerous corporate, political and financial powers or the world. They did this because he dared to emulate the popular policies of the Latin American revolution, which proved its effectiveness in detaching from the control of the Washington Consensus. The losers are always the people, in this case the Libyan people, because what will be imposed on them now, in addition to absolute political control and subordination, is economic plunder. The latter takes place through the reconstruction by foreign corporations with borrowed money, the cost of stabilization provided by security contractors (mercenaries), the privatization of the oil industry and the imposition of neoliberalism: the dire economic model imposed in past decades on Latin America, which means handing over all productive sectors of the economy to private foreign corporations, and freeing the government from its social responsibilities with the people, including education and public health.

Now the escalation against Iran is already under way, and, inexplicably, the world watches the media circus of the stigmatization of that government, with an appalling apathy that reeks of complicity. In the past, evidence of false flag operations emerged too late for the invaded countries. Now, thanks to the alternative media, the world knows that they are false those accusations, as unfair is the pressure from a coalition of nuclear powers against Iran over its incipient nuclear program.

This time, if these empires invade Iran, the world expects China and Russia, emerging economies with a veto power in the Security Council of the UN, to oppose the assault. It is conceivable, as history shows, that Israel will attack anyway, with support from London and Washington. Therefore, it is important that the peoples of the world act immediately, voice their opposition, put pressure on their governments; and that international organizations do the same, because if we, knowingly, do not show empathy, we will all be guilty, and the next victims could be the Latin American countries in process of change and decolonization.

Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti hosts the web site www.JuanCarlosZambrana.com

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