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Why I Want Ron Paul to Win the Iowa Caucuses: A Response (Sort of) to Matt Stannard

My old friend and frequent leftist conscience Matt Stannard has taken to task, in a strong and persuasive editorial, those left-leaning individuals who are cheering for Ron Paul (whom he calls “an opportunistic, dishonest, 76-year-old charlatan”) to go the distance in the Republican primaries. The number of these Paul-supporting progressives, left-liberals, Greens, and socialists of


Toxic Opportunist: Ron Paul and the Left

This is the state of progressive politics in America: A sizable number of left-Democrats and independent progressives are supporting right-wing, reactionary, racialist-sympathizing libertarian-Republican Ron Paul. Enough people nominally “on the left” are supporting him that their presence in Iowa is solely responsible for Paul’s likely victory in the upcoming Caucuses there. Progressive-minded folks appreciate Dr.


10 Most Idiotic Tweets Concerning #OccupyWallStreet: Christmas Eve Edition

The stupidity is getting harder to find. More Americans embrace the Occupy movement, fewer people are repeating the same stupid lines about how the movement is incoherent or its participants are lazy, and the dispersal of occupiers from base locations to general nomadism has made them less of a target, both physically and rhetorically. Still,

From the "Vote for Nobody" campaign website

Should Progressives Boycott The Presidential Elections?

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” This quote, attributed to Emma Goldman, implies a much more sweeping indictment of the electoral process, in the most generic sense, than that espoused by proponents of boycotting the U.S. Presidential elections. The current movement seems focused on the corruption of major party politics by big money,


Labor Not Represented in Management of ‘The People’s Universities’

Although more than one million Pennsylvanians are members of labor unions, and the state has a long history of worker exploitation and union activism, neither of the two largest university systems has a labor representative on its governing board. The only labor representative on the Board of Governors of the State System of Higher Education

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