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10 Most Idiotic Tweets Concerning #OccupyWallStreet: Christmas Eve Edition

The stupidity is getting harder to find. More Americans embrace the Occupy movement, fewer people are repeating the same stupid lines about how the movement is incoherent or its participants are lazy, and the dispersal of occupiers from base locations to general nomadism has made them less of a target, both physically and rhetorically. Still, though, idiocy still comes through in about one of every two hundred tweets concerning Occupy. Here is a special holiday package:  

10, “#ows – backed by the anarchists, the communists, the nazis, & now the Iranian mullahs” -cincinchili

We’re hurt that you didn’t mention the Vienna Boys’ Choir, the Guild of blonde bad guys from movies and TV, and the New York Knicks.

9. “RT #OccupyBoulder – a pathetic, freezing socialist sleepover of clueless campers.” -OccupyPix

We think you’re a moronic mess of haranguing hyperbole and asinine alliterations.

8. “Curious how the 99% can afford to spend $180 on Air Jordans. I have a full-time job and I can’t.” -faithclips

Curious how you have reached the conclusion that all, or even most, or even a significant amount of the 99% can or is purchasing Air Jordans. Equally curious how you can afford the time to tweet, since you’re obviously so busy doing important shit.

7. “Just perused the #ows website. I still can’t figure out what these people are trying to accomplish.” -OCRunner 22

We get the same confused feeling when we peruse genocide museums and such…it’s like, what’s their point? What are we missing here?

6. “Some #OccupyWallStreet concerns are valid, but Orwell, Kafka, Stasi… are lurking around all their corners.” -24AheadDotCom

We looked around every corner and found no distopian novelists, absurdist writers, or smartly-dressed totalitarian secret police. We did, however, find a gateway to Narnia.

5. “Rape, drugs, godlessness, sodomy, homosexuality, filth at #OWS. How long until it infiltartes Wyoming?” -WyoGOPGirl

Is an “infiltarte” a special kind of Wyoming tart? And don’t rape, drugs, godlessness, sodomy, homosexuality and filth already exist in Wyoming? In Jackson Hole, they charge you for it, but it’s free in Rock Springs.

4. “I am glad that the media isn’t giving much coverage to #OWS anymore. Those brats will give it up as it gets colder and with less coverage.” -TheArbiter91

As opposed to the tremendous coverage they’ve received thus far? I mean, I understand 40-50K OWS demonstrations aren’t as sexy as a half dozen retired teabaggers, but still…

3. “I wonder if the #occupy protesters will go back to occupying their parent’s basements when this thing is all over.” -AmericanHumor

By “this thing” do you mean the Occupy movement, the economic crisis, or your lack of any discernable originality in your humor?

2. “If more people occupied the gym instead of wall street, then maybe they would actually do something with their lives.” -kellianngill

Clearly, the problems of structural unemployment are really just a matter of not doing enough crunches.

1. “so…did #OccupyWallStreet become the Montana Fishburne of protest movments?” -JLBarrow

No, but we think you’re the Bunny Bleu of tweeters for asking that question.

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