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Gingrich: The Best GOP Choice for America

The title of this article needs a little context.  Gingrich is the best choice for the GOP primary voters to take because he has been at the heart of what is wrong with American politics since the late ‘70’s.  If Gingrich faces off against Obama, he will create a stark choice for the general election in November 2012:  Will we double-down on the failed trickle-down polices of the past 30 years on the stated hope (against all empirical evidence amassed over three decades) that handing the last of our national wealth over to robber barons will result in “a rising tide that raises all boats”, or will we continue to move forward—or is it back?—to a more egalitarian approach to our national economic model?

Mitt Romney is too much like Obama to make such a clear distinction.  I think that’s why so many in the GOP establishment are afraid of Gingrich actually winning.  Their communication strategy since the Regan era is at stake.  What will they run on when the American people finally and fully reject it—by large landslide-level margins, and lose many of the seats held by the more rabid of their ilk?  They will, of course, have to make a choice they don’t want to make:  Keep on keeping on and hope that they can continue to convince people to vote against their own self interest (a model that won’t work anymore) or eject those from the party that refuse to come around to the emerging national desire for greater fairness.  They have no experience with either of these.  It’s not a very good set of choices for a party built upon taking the side of the rich in a class war they started.

The establishment’s constant focus on short-term, fear-based victories has painted them into this corner.  They now have to actually defend their bumper-sticker slogans of “tax cuts for the job creators”.  This isn’t going to be easy when people now instinctively understand the reality-based context of the greed-governance behind those simpleminded slogans.

Just when I thought it would be hard to find one specific example that spells out the issue, Gingrich gave us a gift that adds context and showcases his right-wing radicalism:  He called for the abolition of certain courts, and to haul judges that ruled in ways he didn’t like before Congress to answer to “the people”.  This is such a dangerous position that even conservatives are calling it “anti-American.”

We should deal with the fact that this far-reaching proposal cuts both ways.  How long does he think the Roberts court would last when huge majorities of the American people disagree with them on matters such as “corporations are people” and “money equals speech”?  The answer is:  A long time.  He knows that only Republican presidents and GOP majorities in Congress would actually invoke such provisions.  The Democrats like the status quo, which is to say they like it when they get to keep their seats—which they obviously think means not rocking the boat.  Gingrich rightly recognizes that Democrats are actually too fearful to take this step, so right-wing tyranny is assured.

The problem for Gingrich isn’t that the media “elite” (and even some former GOP officials charged with enforcing the rule of law) see through this; the American people are far better educated in civics than he and the media give them credit for.  They understand that there is a reason for lifetime appointments to keep judges above the political fray.  To drag them into a political circus would weaken our institutions and lead to widespread injustices.  The American people are already getting fed up with police state tactics used to suppress protests against corporate power.  They won’t long stand for politicians meddling in the administration of justice once those protesters are on trial.

But, not being content to merely call for judges to answer before Congress for “unpopular” rulings, he goes further to say that, as president, he would send the Capitol Police or the US Marshals to take “activist” judges into custody (“activist” of course is defined as judges who rule in ways Gingrich doesn’t like).  This is exactly why Gingrich is the best GOP man for the nomination.

This isn’t an endorsement for Gingrich to ascend to our nation’s highest office, nor is it an endorsement to return Barack Obama to the Oval Office in 2012.  This is merely an endorsement that Gingrich be the GOP nominee, to point out the real stakes in the next election.  The fact that he is being seriously considered by the average GOP primary/caucus voters proves that this is the very real choice that we have to make.

Gingrich has now made it clear that he represents totalitarian fascism.  There is no other way to describe his desire to silence judges who make rulings based upon their own interpretation and learned understanding of the principles of our rule of law—which often differ from how he believes the rule should be interpreted.  A vote for Gingrich in the general election is a vote to end—actually end—equal justice for individual Americans in the United States, but to free from all encumbrances corporations in their greedy pursuit of profit.

So, GOP voters, I encourage you to vote for Gingrich in the GOP nomination process.  He represents the best opportunity for the American people to stand together against fascism or fall together into tyranny.


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