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CNN Should Fire Dana Loesch Immediately

I’ve talked to half a dozen active and inactive military personnel since revelations and details emerged of American marines urinating on the corpses of Afghan civilians. Each and every one of those soldiers told me unequivocally that the act was an obscene, unacceptable travesty, and that those marines need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. My father, who passed away in 2006, was a marine who fought in Korea, and I can tell you with total certainty that he would have been overcome with shame and rage if he’d been alive to learn about this act. And yes, I’m anti-imperialist, and I think the occupation in Afghanistan is counterproductive and unwarranted. We can argue about that any time (whether you want to take me to task for being concerned about what the military thinks of its soldiers getting caught doing bad things, or whether you want to defend the occupation. Whatever, just stay focused here for a minute).

In fact, the only people I’ve heard defend the act are people who have never put on a uniform and probably never will. And this is an instance where I would be inclined to defer to those who have. Granted, the people who have defended the act are mostly mental cases. Pamela Geller, for example, is a racist, birther nutcase who believes Barack Obama is Malcom X’s love child (I am not speaking hyperbolically here). So if she is celebrating the desecration of Afghan civilians’ corpses, maybe people who think they’re more reasonable should reconsider.

But a high-salary news commentator on a self-declared respectable cable network? A network that isn’t Fox News? Really?

Dana Loesch is truly a disgusting, adolescent, ill-informed bucket of slime, on a cable news network that pretends it is not full of slime. That network should can her sorry ass immediately.

The video of American marines urinating on the corpses of Afghan civilians has prompted worldwide outrage, condemnation from the White House and the opening of a federal investigation. CNN’s Dana Loesch thinks the whole thing is pretty cool, though.
 Loesch, the 33-year-old CNN contributor hired last year to offer political analysis for the coming election, is already giving the network their money’s worth. Speaking during her own syndicated radio program on Thursday, Loesch discussed the just-surfaced video that shows four Marines urinating on the corpses of slain Afghans, presumed to be civilians.Her own insight seems to be a bit more harsh than the commentary that others are offering. “I’d drop trou and do it too,” Loesch told listeners during the January 12 broadcast of The Dana Show. “I want a million ‘cool points’ for these guys. Is that harsh to say?” she asked.

According to Huffington Post, Loesch made the comments on “The Dana Show,” her radio hate rag which airs daily on FM News Talk 97.1, a conservative radio station in St. Louis, Mo.  Huff Post also reports that CNN released a statement about Loesch’s comments on Friday:

“CNN contributors are commentators who express a wide range of viewpoints—on and off of CNN—that often provoke strong agreement or disagreement. Their viewpoints are their own.”

I say bull. Rick Sanchez called Jon Stewart a “bigot” — a stupid comment, but not as bad as what Loesch said, and like her comment, it wasn’t made on CNN itself. CNN fired him. The network fired Tony Harris for his comments about Warren Buffett (apparently it’s not funny for black people to joke about robbing rich white people). CNN’s statement saying commentators are free to express their own viewpoints on and off the network is a bald-faced lie. And don’t start with me about the First Amendment. CNN ain’t the government. If we can boycott sponsors of Glenn Beck, we can certainly call for Loesch to be given the pink slip.

Contact CNN and tell them to fire this poor excuse for a talking head.

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One Response “CNN Should Fire Dana Loesch Immediately”

  1. alwaysaskwhy
    January 26, 2012 at 11:01 am

    ABSOLUTELY!! By keeping this woman employed, they are CONDONING WHAT SHE SAID.


    BOO on Loesch

    BOO on CNN

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