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SumOfUs are Corporate Whores | Some Of Us Are Not

Feb 1, 2012: SumOfUs posts a popular image used by media outlets today to reflect the worker conditions at Chinese “sweatshops.” “Ethical capitalism” is a fantasy embraced and fetishized by the liberal/professional left.     New Delusion for 2012: SumOfUs …Like all good Imperialists, the Philanthropoids set themselves the task of creating and training an international cadre that believed


Interview with the Occupation Party

On its web site, the Occupation Party calls itself “a new third party that stands in solidarity with the populist message of Occupy Wall Street.” The party condemns the violence of what it terms a “small minority” of protesters at places like Occupy Oakland. It wants to Occupy Congress, and to that end is running candidates. Members

These guys are so gentle.

Love Lessons for Progressives: Wilco is NOT sex music

There will be some nomenclature, some rhetorical subdivision, some dreaded categorization and definition in what follows. Unless you’ve never had good sex, you’ll agree that sometimes, drawing lines is good. Lines like “good sex” and “bad sex.” I had just finished giving the Duchess of Hardcore Activists the drilling she’d asked for. It had been

Two Poems for Spring

Worship of Eostre Poetry throws a seductive cloak over me as I drive, nearly forcing me to the side of the road to describe cloud canoes purple as a bruise, rowing through gift tissue mist hovering over a virgin birch seduced by the scent of raw, thawing earth into donning her bridal veil and peignoir


Mormonism is still racist

There’s no question that Mormonism was racist. Here’s the argument: 1. The LDS Church denied the priesthood to blacks. 2. The priesthood is positively valuable (from the Mormon perspective). 3. [from 1&2] The LDS Church denied something of value to a group of people based on their skin color. 4. To deny something of value

FRACKING: Health, Environmental Impact Greater Than Claimed

Part 2 of 3 The natural gas industry defends hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, as safe and efficient. Thomas J. Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research, a pro-industry non-profit organization, claims fracking has been “a widely deployed as safe extraction technique,” dating back to 1949. What he doesn’t say is that until recently energy

Tower for drilling a well into the Marcellus Shale Formation for natural gas, Lycoming County, PA,.

FRACKING: Pennsylvania Gags Physicians

  A new Pennsylvania law endangers public health by forbidding health care professionals from sharing information they learn about certain chemicals and procedures used in high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing. The procedure is commonly known as fracking. Fracking is the controversial method of forcing water, gases, and chemicals at tremendous pressure of up to 15,000 pounds per

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