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Feigned indignation
is the only kind left
where decency is a threat
to the raison d’etre of profit,
an impediment,
bred out of the masses as much as possible.
And a well-established lust for flesh
plus professional perception management
will make cannibalism as acceptable
as neoconservativism,
especially when the product is processed.
The objection it’s actually humans will be subject
to a well-financed Public Relations campaign
that frames the practice of eating the dead,
who died naturally, at least that’s what they say,
as a revival of an ancient Celtic custom,
of taking the deceased back into the community
where he will dwell eternally, and internally,
providing the building blocks of humanity – literally.
Crafted to appear similar to “beef”, “pork” and “poultry,
it will rapidly sweep Western consumer markets,
amassing a tidy profit when packaged attractively
in little white styrofoam caskets,
and no more toxic with environmental pollutants
than the flesh of CAFO hogs, chickens and cattle.
It will soon be as ubiquitous as cell phones,
just as de rigeur and just as indispensable,
as if we had never been without the practice
which would once have been deemed reprehensible,
and would remain so if not the logical conclusion,
at the end of the tunnel of American consumerism.
For “extra credit”, see “Soylent Green”

Vi Ransel is an activist, organizer, writer and poet living in New York City.

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