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Asculum Part One: The Plot Thickens

Written on the eve of Obama’s inauguration in 2009…published here to demonstrate how far we haven’t traveled…   The nature of his administration was evident as he introduced his transition team and potential members of his cabinet. The individuals selected are fixtures of the economic aristocracy and the Washington Consensus establishment. His Transitional Economic Advisory


Five Reasons Why I Don’t Feel Much Like Voting for Obama These Days

[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] The November presidential election is still five-and-a-half months away, which means there is still plenty of time for me to change my mind, and then change my mind again. About the likely outcome, of course (though given that I still think, seven months after my last prediction, that Mitt Romney


Love is Not a Commodity: A Relationship Transition Wish-List for Progressives

Here’s what I want: A radical new notion of love, and an accompanying radical new notion of loss. Of loss, healing, redemption, and forgiveness. Radical forgiveness is asymmetrical, not reciprocal. Radical forgiveness transcends the question of whether you have been adequately forgiven by the other person. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not



A new, globally emergent phenomena in political organizing has made its way to California. The Pirate Party combines internet and intellectual property reform with egalitarian, Occupy-oriented politics. Below, we present the press release we received today from Orion Steele, Vice President of the San Francisco-based California Pirate Party.  Internationally, Pirate parties have sprung up over the


Poems of Conscience (for a time that needs it)

The Tao of Conscience Right… or wrong. Too much or too little. Too near or too far. The Gift is decision. The ability to choose, come to one’s own conclusions, rather than unthinking obeisance to authoritarian institutions. An intrinsic ethics structured deep into the mind reveals the direction in which integrity lies. Danger follows sheep

white privilege card

White Blogger Criticizes Identity Politics & Gets Canned: how, exactly, did I stay awake while writing this?

An education reporter-turned blogger whose mediocre work had been featured at Chronicle of Higher Education was cut off from that pub after she criticized a bunch of dissertation titles in African-American Studies departments. She issued the same old anti-identity politics rigmarole: that it’s all about blaming whitey, that it’s substandard work, etc. After getting canned, she

"The Faces of Capitalism" by Pit Kuru

Ponerology (a science of the nature of evil)

Medical studies funded by drug companies have only lately “discovered” the onset of cancer, diabetes and autism is “not caused” by agents outside the body, but brought on by your own susceptible, read “defective’ DNA. They’re a passive creation with no visible perpetration rather like saying 93,000 women were raped in 2005 in the USA.

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