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Ponerology (a science of the nature of evil)

Medical studies
funded by drug companies
have only lately “discovered”
the onset of
cancer, diabetes and autism
is “not caused”
by agents outside the body,
but brought on
by your own susceptible,
read “defective’

They’re a passive creation
with no visible perpetration
rather like saying
93,000 women were raped
in 2005 in the USA.
Of course without mentioning
the 93,000 men
and their evil intentions
who actually
did the raping.

No way
could mercury-preserved vaccines,
cost-cutting food additives
or petroleum pollutants
pumped into the environment
be a factor in the development
of debilitating

Someone made those decisions.
These are just as much injuries
as the results of
drunk driving collisions,
assault with a deadly weapon,
poisoning a parent to inherit money
or the collateral damage
of shock and awe bombing
with depleted uranium WMD.

Big Drugs, Big Food and Big Energy,
much like the Tobacco Industry,
have the
profit motive
and FDA-approved opportunity,
and since tort “reform”
they can do it with impunity.

As long as the effect
doesn’t happen
after the cause,
they can wrap themselves up
in plausible deniability.
Their products are innocent
’til you’re dead
and proven guilty.
You made the choice to use them.
Accept your personal responsibility.

It’s supremely important
that you accept
that you’re the cause
of their effect.

Vi Ransel lives and works in New York City. “Ponerology” is a ¬†configural companion piece to “Black Pearls.”¬†

"The Faces of Capitalism" by Pit Kuru

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