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Solve the student debt explosion: wipe the slate clean and make higher education free

The following is a press release from the Durham/Lopez campaign of the Freedom Socialist Party: This year’s college graduates are exiting academia with all the traditional pomp and circumstance. Roughly two thirds of them have taken out student loans to complete their education. For them, the pomp is being dragged back to earth by the circumstance of an average debt that


Socialist Presidential Candidate Condemns Coup in Paraguay

June 26, 2012 – Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander condemns the removal of the democratically elected President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo. Alexander describes the removal by Congressional impeachment as an illegitimate coup. He calls upon the Paraguayan Congress to restore President Lugo and condemns US President Barack Obama for not strongly denouncing the


More Jokes From the Penn State Trustees

Whenever I need a couple of laughs, I turn to the bumbling self-aggrandizing antics of the Pennsylvania legislature. However, in the past few months, the Penn State Board of Trustees has done the near-impossible; they have provided more laughs than the menagerie in Harrisburg. To call either the Legislators or the Trustees “clowns” would demean


Quote of the Day: What is “natural?”

Production might be natural. Obviously consumption is natural. Trading goods, working for a payoff, and some forms of competition might be natural. But none of that means capitalism is natural. Here’s today’s quote: Nature does not produce on the one side owners of money or commodities, and on the other men possessing nothing but their


Socialist Party USA Candidates Gain Colorado Ballot Access

The following press release was provided earlier this month by the Socialist Party USA: Voters in Colorado now have another choice when they select their candidate in the 2012 Presidential elections.  Socialist Party USA (SP-USA) Presidential candidate, Stewart Alexander, and Vice Presidential candidate, Alex Mendoza, have been qualified by the Colorado Board of Elections to appear on

Freedom Socialist Party

Obama to Women Voters: Do a lot for me so I can do a tiny bit for you

  The following is a press release from the Durham/Lopez campaign of the Freedom Socialist Party: The Obama presidential campaign has recently turned its full attention  to women voters and the fact that they are none too happy with the administration’s waffling on reproductive rights and other issues. Hence the idea was hatched to do a one-million-woman mailing

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