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SPUSA Presidential Candidate Alexander Comments on Obama “Gaffe”

Press Release courtesy of Alexander-Mendoza 2012. Contact media@stewartalexanderforpresident2012.org. Los Angeles, CA – July 26, 2012 – President Obama is facing a massive smear campaign by right wing forces for pointing out the interconnectedness of society and how those with the most are benefitting from society. The Socialist Party USA Presidential ticket of Stewart Alexander and Alex


BREAKING–Penn State Trustees Violate State Law (again)

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.–The Penn State Board of Trustees, still sanctimonious in its public moral outrage, continues to violate state law. The Board held a private three hour meeting, Wednesday evening [July 25] to discuss the NCAA sanctions and the role university president Dr. Rodney Erickson played in accepting the sanctions. Erickson, according to the Centre

Kindle Fire Temp = Fahrenheit 451

or Why I Don’t Own an E-Reader (yet) In the future there will be no need for Ray Bradbury’s book-burning firemen of Fahrenheit 451. The books will simply disappear before our eyes, or – perhaps worse – they will be edited to comply with the approved messages of the masters without our noticing. Bradbury resisted


Fifty Shades of Bourgeois

Perhaps we should be happy that twenty million readers worldwide have embraced their inner spanker and/or spankee. Perhaps we should accept that the vessel of truth is, in this case, highly imperfect. Written as a spin-off of Twilight fan fiction, entirely in present tense, with awkward inner monologues and lacking in any descriptive prose, the


“Nothing is Inevitable” — Muhammad Sahimi on Iran, Nuclear Development, Israel and the U.S.

Muhammad Sahimi is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and holds the NIOC Chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California. He is also lead political columnist for the website PBS/Frontline/Tehran Bureau. His recent piece, “Intervention Proponents Try to Scuttle Nuclear Talks with Iran,” takes media figures and neoconservatives to task for


Introducing Dialogue for Democracy: Democrats, Libertarians, and Alternative Left Parties Talking It Out

Every election year, animosity between Democrats and activists to the left of the Democratic Party greatly intensifies. In 2012, this animosity is supercharged due to the unprecedentedly stupid and myopic attacks on Barack Obama from the right, the lingering and systemic economic crisis, and controversial decisions by Obama concerning national security, individual rights, and foreign

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