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Occupy Activists Suggest Running Foreclosed Home for President

Since corporations are people, it stands to reason that houses are people too, and hence eligible to run for president, right? (Just…just go with it, okay?) At least one set of Occupy activists thinks this isn’t such a bad idea, and they’ve started a Facebook group for that very purpose: To help revitalize the Occupy movement, the group suggests running a foreclosed home for President of the United States.

“If OWS ran a ‘Foreclosed Home’ for President it could revitalize OWS as it runs its ‘campaign’!” says the informational message on the group’s Facebook page.

The group lists other ideas on a post at the Occupy Wall Street forum, including:

  • Run a Foreclosed home for President
  • Devise a logo and catchphrase
  • Develop a Narrative for the Foreclosed Home
  • Run a ‘campaign’
  • Have the Foreclosed Home “speak” at rallies, conferences
  • Make it go nationwide

At politicalcontext.org, we say: Why not? The home will have more personality than Obama and Romney put together, and will really know what it’s like to experience hard times. That will increase its street cred.

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