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Countdown to the 2013 Public Banking Conference: Funding the New Economy

The second annual Public Banking Conference, held at Dominican University in San Rafael, California and co-sponsored by Dominican’s Green MBA program, begins this Sunday, June 2, at 1PM Pacific Time, when Web of Debt author Ellen Brown welcomes conference participants and Move to Amend national spokesperson David Cobb delivers the conference’s keynote speech. A series


Pop Culture and Sex Trafficking

  Here’s the story. Snoop Dogg/Lion participated in sex trafficking (“pimping” glamorizes and sterilizes the nature of what he did–it’s sex trafficking). The path toward redemption, if he’s interested, would be to donate to and become involved in genuine global anti-trafficking efforts. But Snoop doesn’t get it. He says athletes “bought pussy” from him. That dehumanizing


Banking Scandals and Public Solutions

No American writer does a better job cataloguing, describing, and decrying the sins of big banks than Matt Taibbi. His recent exposition of U.S. authorities’ investigation of London-based ICAP for manipulation of information accompanying interest rate swaps is another in his corpus of descriptions of schemers and plotters playing with amounts of money “up to

Kerry- testimony

Why is it offensive to be called the backyard of the United States?

There was great discontent in Latin America when the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, said to his country’s Congress that Latin America is “the backyard of the United States.” The comment was aggravated given the context that the United States had not recognized the constitutional and elected government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, and