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Letter to Rick Perry from a Texas Woman

A good friend from Texas–a progressive, hardworking social worker named Tamara–sent this letter to Texas Governor Rick Perry. She agreed to let us re-post it because of the stakes in the current struggle for women’s reproductive rights in Texas and other states. Should Tamara wish to engage this subject more, and with others, on this page or elsewhere, she knows how to do so. Her words below speak powerfully for her.

Good Day, Governor.

I am educated Texas woman – I have lived in this glorious state my entire life. I have been sorely disappointed in the movement, instigated by you, to limit family planning in this state.

The bill which is currently being debated is obvious in that it serves only one purpose; to abolish abortion in the state of Texas. Governor, I understand your personal religious beliefs dictate that abortion is a sin. However, not every Texan feels as you do. I am one of them. It is not your place to dictate religious beliefs to the people of Texas. The people of this state have a long history of perseverance and forging our own path, and that is what you should allow us to do now.

Many of these clinics (the ones you wish to close) provide not only abortion services, but also birth control of every type (including vasectomies), as well as screening for cancers in women. By passing this bill, you will effectively take away these necessary options for hundreds of thousands of women.

How would you feel, sir, if your wife were unable to receive appropriate medical care? I think you would be outraged and frustrated. Well, I am here to tell you that Texas women are outraged and frustrated with the repeated attempts to limit our choices and options. It is NOT YOUR PLACE to dictate these options to us.

Another issue you should consider: If this bill passes, what will this state do with the increase in unwanted children and child abuse? Studies indicate that children who are unwanted are more likely to be abused than those who were planned and desired. With your stubborn resistance to expanding Medicaid in Texas, how will these children get medical care? You want them to be born, sir, but give their parents no way to care for them.

Please, make up your mind. Please, pray on it, if that is how you divine your decisions.



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