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Please Give to the Detroit Urban Debate League

DetroitSkylineDear Friends:

I’m asking you to donate to the Detroit Urban Debate League.

Every student debating, anywhere, is worth our financial support. But here’s one reason why I am donating to the DUDL this year: The people of Detroit are facing unique challenges, the consequences of decisions over which they had little control. While the nation and media argue over whose decisions they were, and why they were destructive, the people of Detroit struggle on every day, in challenging and often daunting conditions.

In my work with the Public Banking Institute, I’ve gotten to know many of these dedicated and brave people, including parents and coordinators of the DUDL. Their students have experienced some impressive success. Cass Tech won the public debate division of the National Urban Debate League championship last year, and a University Prep team has qualified for the prestigious 2014 Tournament of Champions. The DUDL is in need of immediate funding to finish its year and stay afloat for next year. They serve between 150 and 200 students each year, an astounding number when you consider the well-documented educational benefits high school debate provides.

Whatever our opinions about the problems Detroit and other cities face, the success of Urban Debate League students is a powerful rejoinder to those who would underestimate the people of Detroit at this challenging time. Urban debate fights that narrative by producing young leaders armed not only with skills in research and logic, but also with audacity and confidence. Debaters become fearless advocates. Urban debate league students learn how to speak truth to power, and work both within and without existing power structures.

Please help increase the magnitude of that education, and join me in donating to the Detroit Urban Debate League on  or before March 3, 2014.

Matt Stannard
Director of Media and Communications
Public Banking Institute

Join our event: Give to the Detroit Urban Debate League on March 3!

Give to the Detroit Urban Debate League here!


About Matt J. Stannard

Policy Director for Commonomics USA, longtime writer, speaker, and legal & policy consultant on economic justice and public deliberation.