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The Pope and Justice

After the victory of the Cuban revolution in 1959, United States, and the Catholic Church demonized all left antagonizing it with God. Then came the military dictatorships.

After the victory of the Cuban revolution in 1959, United States, and the Catholic Church demonized the Left in Latin America antagonizing it with God. Then came the military dictatorships.

This coming 8th of July, Pope Francis will continue to break the mould as he sets foot on the land of the Bolivian revolutionary Evo Morales during a visit that promises to be historic for a Church that has not always been on the side of the poor, the victims, and the marginalized.
At the airport of El Alto in the city of La Paz, Francis will say that he arrives humbly, and with a mission to promote a process of pacification that will include the recognition of blame, an act of reparation, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
Where Father Luis Espinal was murdered for having denounced the shady deals and the repression of the military dictatorships, Francis will bless all of the victims and descendants of those who were tortured, persecuted, and assassinated. He will ask for forgiveness because his clerics in Bolivia and the Vatican Curia maintained, in the face of those crimes, a silence that in the laws of mankind is a crime of complicity.
At the Palace of Government he will go out on the balcony, and, in front of the people gathered at his feet to receive his blessing, Francis will announce that as an act of reparation he had ordered the Vatican before his departure to declassify its archives concerning the Bolivian dictatorships. Upon entering the presidential hall, he will pass on to President Morales a grievance received by the Vatican denouncing that “the justice system in Bolivia has become a danger to the world as, there, legal instruments with unlawful purposes are falsified, and judges, witnesses, notaries, lawyers, and prosecutors are bought, so that false trials reach the final decision of the Constitutional Tribunal without the victims living abroad being able to even find out.”
The next day, during the Mass that he will celebrate in Santa Cruz at the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Francis will ask for forgiveness because his Church took part as early as colonial times not only in the massacres and repression of the indigenous peoples but also in their acculturation, in order to incorporate them as servants within the colonialist culture of the whites. Above all, he will ask to be forgiven for the use of God for the benefit of the oppressor classes, as the enormous faith of the poor –he will say– should never again be used as a conduit mechanism of repressive political ideology, nor of social control to keep them on their knees in obedience before the abuse and criminality that emanates from power.
During the 2nd World Meeting of Popular and Social Movements, Francis will deliver a historic speech founded on the blessings of Mathew 5:1-16, with the message, for the just who hunger and thirst for justice and cry out for societies that are more just, that “you are the light of the world.” He will tell them to continue with faith in their struggle, because God could not have condemned us to be victims of the abuse of power on Earth, with the promise of justice in Heaven.
Finally, at Palmasola prison, he will mention the deep social wounds caused by injustice in jail, which is also the tip of the iceberg of the judicial corruption that he mentioned to the President the prior day.
Something like this is what the Peoples’ Pope will say to recover the practical value of faith in the lives of humans, resuscitating in the soul the certainty of the existence of justice, not only in Heaven but also on Earth. This is, of course, a dream that was earlier unimaginable, which now the actions of Pope Francis incite us to dare to dream.

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