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American Christians, We are NOT Persecuted Because of Our Faith

This piece originally appeared at Rev. Eric Atcheson’s blog, The Theophilus Project. Earlier this week, Duke University (a United Methodist school) had announced plans to, beginning this Friday, allow its Muslim Students Association to use the chapel’s tower to broadcast a weekly call to prayer on Fridays, the Muslim sabbath. Today, after a prejudiced son


An Open Letter to the Vatican

Dear Bishops and Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, Look. I love a lot of the work you guys have done over the years. You’ve elected some amazing popes recently, from John XXIII to John Paul II. Your ecumenical and nonviolence work has been the equivalent of a quantum leap forward for the world. And

The End of the World…Again.

Didn’t we just get over this with the whole Y2K thing?  And then the Mayan calendar worries came around? Now, Harold Camping and the most devout listeners of his Family Radio Christian Network, headquartered just to the south of my hometown of Berkeley in Oakland, California, have fanned out across the country, preaching to all