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Embrace The Suck

 UC Davis Economics Professor Gregory Clark has crunched some numbers and determined that the American Dream is dead.  Hearing this might cause many people a great deal of distress and despair—I must admit to at least some disappointment, despite having concluded this for myself years ago.  Growing up as an American, I was always taught—by


America Defeated From Within: The Terrorists Have Won

Every veteran who has ever sworn allegiance to the Constitution, and especially those who have fallen in our defense, have been betrayed. Our government surrendered to fear, and all of our collective sacrifices have been in vain. Our rule of law was killed by the passage and signing of the NDAA for 2012. The domestic terrorists that hate our freedoms have finally won.


Labor Is Property

Capitalists, when they buy stock (or “invest”) their cash, are really just pooling their property (money) with the property of other capitalists with the express purpose of gaining the economic advantages which a larger pool of resources will command. Labor has every right to do the very same “pooling”.


American Collectivism

Corporatism is to Capitalism as Collectivism is to Socialism.  This might be startling or even very radical to some people, but there really is no practical difference between collectivism and corporatism.  I have heard some people call the current system in the United States “Corporate Communism” because we bail out corporations when our system is

Wage Slaves & Debt Serfs

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s song Sixteen Tons tells the story perfectly about what America once was for millions of Americans; that twilight past is a new dawn for generations of our entire population. We are, for the most part, already a country of wage slaves and quickly becoming bound as debt serfs. When your government becomes