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Policy Director for Commonomics USA, longtime writer, speaker, and legal & policy consultant on economic justice and public deliberation.

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Well-Played, Coca-Cola

Well-played, corporate monger of extremely unhealthy beverage: Get the shrinking, increasingly unhinged minority of paleoconservative haters to vocally hate you Now it’s the duty of all tolerant, just, and welcoming Americans to conspicuously drink you or at least to praise your principles and mock your adversaries while you: Keep busting unions, Keep depleting local water


At Year’s End, Public Banking Steers Economic Justice Conversation

Originally published at the Public Banking Institute Blog. The movement for public banking, democratically-run public banks that avoid high interest rates and make financing accountable to the public good, ended a solid building year on a several high notes, including a column of support from Chris Hedges, analysis of a volatile struggle in Vermont, and


Why Economic Democracy Now? The Reasons Keep Piling Up

What do a recent analysis of the Detroit bankruptcy crisis, and recent revelations of wide-scale corporate spying on citizen activists, have in common? They both suggest that we need to revitalize the public sphere, democratize economic policy, and dismantle the hierarchy created by material inequality. New reasons for building community power and dismantling the power


The Failure of Misanthropy: Why Calling People Stupid Is a Stupid Way to Do Politics

Some find “I see stupid people” memes to be funny and viscerally satisfying. “Americans are stupid” is a common rallying cry in certain sections of both the right and the left. There’s a whole minor industry in calling the masses stupid and decrying their stupidity. More often than not, those who are doing it are

Joanna Brooks: Mormon Women Take Action on Exclusion from Priesthood

From Joanna Brooks: “Saturday’s Ordain Women action has initiated an unprecedented conversation about power, leadership, and gender within the world of Mormonism.” For those who didn’t hear about this: Hundreds of women (the vast majority of whom attend church regularly) asked to be allowed into the boy-and-men’s-only session of the General Conference. Even non-LDS men are


Kokesh, busted for guns and drugs, not your typical gun rights activist

Adam Kokesh, former Iraq Veterans Against the War activist and a very early guest on Gary’s and my “Shared Sacrifice” podcast, was arrested Tuesday (July 9) in Virginia on gun and drug charges. Jillian Rayfield’s quick write-up of the arrest at Salon carries the headline “Gun-rights activist reportedly arrested for firearm, drug possession.” In addition


Hundreds Gather for Public Banking and Economic Justice

By any standards, the 2013 Public Banking Conference, held at beautiful Dominican University in San Rafael, California, was a success. In a political world where like-minded groups seldom converge on practical policy blueprints, it was an astounding success. Hundreds of committed attendees–Occupy activists, religious groups, labor, environmentalists, legal activists, journalists and progressive economists–came together for


Countdown to the 2013 Public Banking Conference: Funding the New Economy

The second annual Public Banking Conference, held at Dominican University in San Rafael, California and co-sponsored by Dominican’s Green MBA program, begins this Sunday, June 2, at 1PM Pacific Time, when Web of Debt author Ellen Brown welcomes conference participants and Move to Amend national spokesperson David Cobb delivers the conference’s keynote speech. A series

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