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Black pearl stud earrings(2)

Black Pearls

“Black Pearls” is my ode to being tired of being poisoned.  You just can’t escape that tainted scent of profit in the air, the water and the food.  Asking people if they know they’re being poisoned is like asking if a fish knows the water is wet.  Corporations are, in effect, allowed to hold a gun to

Human Resources

Feigned indignation is the only kind left where decency is a threat to the raison d’etre of profit, an impediment, bred out of the masses as much as possible. And a well-established lust for flesh plus professional perception management will make cannibalism as acceptable as neoconservativism, especially when the product is processed. The objection it’s


The ABCs of Atrocity

The indocrination of children into the culture of corporate capitalism begins even before they enter school, when their own parents, in effect, bind the feet of their morality by having them join in the guilty and tasty pleasures of murder. The ABCs of Atrocity sow the seeds of future perversity. Animals are the means we use to

These guys are so gentle.

Love Lessons for Progressives: Wilco is NOT sex music

There will be some nomenclature, some rhetorical subdivision, some dreaded categorization and definition in what follows. Unless you’ve never had good sex, you’ll agree that sometimes, drawing lines is good. Lines like “good sex” and “bad sex.” I had just finished giving the Duchess of Hardcore Activists the drilling she’d asked for. It had been

Two Poems for Spring

Worship of Eostre Poetry throws a seductive cloak over me as I drive, nearly forcing me to the side of the road to describe cloud canoes purple as a bruise, rowing through gift tissue mist hovering over a virgin birch seduced by the scent of raw, thawing earth into donning her bridal veil and peignoir

Shrimp Etouffe and rice

Shrimp Etouffee

Cutting the shrimp in half lengthwise gives the shrimp a beautiful corkscrew shape when cooked in this wonderful version of the hearty New Orleans classic.

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