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The Lone Ranger: What movie were the critics watching???

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer define justice as they gallop, bicker, bond and are propelled by explosions into Western movie history in the 2013 Disney/Verbinski production of The Lone Ranger. This movie is exhilarating, entertaining, thought-provoking, terrifying, repulsive and hilarious. It may be the best Western I’ve ever seen, and I say that as someone who grew


Fifty Shades of Bourgeois

Perhaps we should be happy that twenty million readers worldwide have embraced their inner spanker and/or spankee. Perhaps we should accept that the vessel of truth is, in this case, highly imperfect. Written as a spin-off of Twilight fan fiction, entirely in present tense, with awkward inner monologues and lacking in any descriptive prose, the


Music: Did You Miss These Albums in 2011?

We asked our readers to nominate their favorite albums released in 2011. Here, in no normative or ordinal order, are some albums you might have missed, and some you probably didn’t, nominated by an array of progressive and otherwise enlightened listeners. In some cases, hyperlinks are to the artist’s web site, in other cases, to