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Honkala describes storm impact on Philly

(POSTED AT JILL STEIN FOR PRESIDENT tonight): Green Party vice presidential nominee Cheri Honkala arrives back in Philadelphia after two weeks on the campaign trail just in time to witness the impact of Hurricane Sandy on her hometown. Watch it now:


I Have Questions; Romney, Obama Don’t Have Answers

The entire foreign policy debate focused upon the Middle East. While that region of the world has importance to the United States, there are other parts of the world that the moderators and candidates overlooked. Here are some of the critical questions. ● The U.S. is on record as opposing dictatorships, yet supports Saudi Arabia,


Why It’s Time to Reject the Duopoly

Most Americans want a fair economy, not one that stacks the deck for people who already enjoy a stacked deck. But both major parties accept the inevitability of corporate-centered capitalism, a system which cannot be reformed and will destroy the planet. Over 70 percent of the public supported a publicly-run health care option, but both


Stein and Honkala arrested in protest of foreclosure giant Fannie Mae

We adapted the following press release from Jill Stein for President, http://www.JillStein.org Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested on August 1 during a protest at the offices of mortgage company Fannie Mae on Banker’s Row in Philadelphia. Among those arrested along with Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala


SPUSA Presidential Candidate Alexander Comments on Obama “Gaffe”

Press Release courtesy of Alexander-Mendoza 2012. Contact media@stewartalexanderforpresident2012.org. Los Angeles, CA – July 26, 2012 – President Obama is facing a massive smear campaign by right wing forces for pointing out the interconnectedness of society and how those with the most are benefitting from society. The Socialist Party USA Presidential ticket of Stewart Alexander and Alex

Clockwise from bottom left: Rocky Anderson, Peta Lindsay, Stephen Durham, Stewart Alexander. Background: May Day 2012, Fresno, Calif. Background photo by Mike Rhodes.

FSP among four contenders for Peace and Freedom Party nod

Yolanda Alaniz of the Freedom Socialist Party sent us the following press release:  The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) campaign of Stephen Durham for president and Christina López for vice president is a sharp contrast to the tradition of buying the White House with truckloads of money. New Yorker Durham and Seattleite López speak from the


Introducing Dialogue for Democracy: Democrats, Libertarians, and Alternative Left Parties Talking It Out

Every election year, animosity between Democrats and activists to the left of the Democratic Party greatly intensifies. In 2012, this animosity is supercharged due to the unprecedentedly stupid and myopic attacks on Barack Obama from the right, the lingering and systemic economic crisis, and controversial decisions by Obama concerning national security, individual rights, and foreign

From the "Vote for Nobody" campaign website

Argument to Boycott Presidential Elections Driven by Perception of Money Hijacking The Process

Not everyone who is dissatisfied with the bourgeois duopoly is turning toward alternative parties like the Greens or various socialist parties. Some are calling for a boycott of the presidential elections, modeled after boycotts of elections by groups in other countries. The group has its own Facebook page, and frequently posts on various political web

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