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Interview with Joseph Kishore of the Socialist Equality Party

For longtime followers of radical politics and the anti-capitalist movement, the World Socialist Web Site is a masterpiece. In multiple languages, well-written, but uncompromisingly Marxist analysis of news and world events, coverage of labor actions and other mass actions throughout the world, and even a robust and readable arts review section, all make WSWS.org one

Freedom Socialist Party

Freedom Socialist Party reiterates call for healthcare as a human right

Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) vice-presidential candidate Christina López and her presidential running mate, Stephen Durham, are bitterly opposed to Obama’s latest compromise with the religious right, which proposes to exempt employers with religious affiliations from providing coverage for birth control. Below is the most recent statement of the FSP on healthcare as a human right. Of

Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander

Socialist Party Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander Comments on Obama’s State of the Union Address

The Socialist Party, whose Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander will be featured in an interview here at politicalcontext.org in the coming days, has released the following statement by Mr. Alexander in response to President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address. We are reposting Mr. Alexander’s commentary in full: The phrase that came to mind immediately upon hearing

From the "Vote for Nobody" campaign website

Should Progressives Boycott The Presidential Elections?

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” This quote, attributed to Emma Goldman, implies a much more sweeping indictment of the electoral process, in the most generic sense, than that espoused by proponents of boycotting the U.S. Presidential elections. The current movement seems focused on the corruption of major party politics by big money,


Interview with Stephen Shenfield, Spokesperson, World Socialist Party of the U.S.

If you’re occasionally taken aback by the number of socialist, anti-capitalist and otherwise radical-left parties in the United States and worldwide, this interview may not fully satisfy you. However, if you are equally impressed with the thoughtfulness, critical-mindedness, and honesty of many members of such groups, this interview will impress you. And if you have


AFNC Chairman Hill: America First Party “highly unlikely” to run national candidates in 2012

  In 2002, a group of Pat Buchanan supporters left the Reform Party to form the America First Party, a group Wikipedia calls “paleoconservative,” and which opposes homosexuality, abortion, gun control, affirmative action, and illegal/unlimited immigration. We spoke with National Chair Jon Hill, who was pessimistic about the party’s chance of running national candidates in


Interview with David Jon Sponheim, Presidential Candidate, America’s Third Party

Dismissive of the Tea Party as an artificial creation of big corporations and Fox News, the ambitiously-named America’s Third Party is part of a coalition of centrists and moderate progressives that includes the National Centrist Party and the slightly more progressive Modern Whig Party (which we’ll interview very soon). ATP’s promises are ambitious: The Tea Party members

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