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Horace Greeley: Class Traitor

He was born into poverty in New Hampshire in 1811. His father was a struggling farmer. His mother did most of the other chores. He was a brilliant student, but the family often moved, looking for a better life—a couple of times so the father could avoid being put into debtor’s prison. At the age of

Hands-on Radicalism

The election of Kshama Sawant, a socialist, to the Seattle City Council, does not mean that large swaths of voters in Seattle have suddenly made an ideological or theoretical shift. Sawant’s election was not a theoretical exercise and voters in her precinct didn’t make the decision to vote for her after reading pamphlets, visiting the

photograph: Hasan Raza/AP

Discounting Lives to Maximize Profits

Imitating Sgt. Schultz of “Hogan’s Heroes,” Walmart executives claimed they knew nothing—NOTHING—about working conditions in a garment factory in Bangladesh where 112 workers died and more than 150 were injured in a fire. Tazreen Fashions made Walmart’s Faded Glory brand clothes, as well as clothes for Sears and other dozens of other major retailers. Walmart


Jill Stein: Winning labor’s battles requires independent politics

The following is a Labor Day editorial by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.  I welcome and endorse the AFL-CIO’s campaign to finally fulfill President Roosevelt’s 1944 call for a second, Economic Bill of Rights, including the rights to jobs, living wages, labor unions, voting rights, health care, education, and retirement security. As the Green


Don’t Count Out the Labor Movement

Almost every conservative political columnist, pundit, commentator, blogger, and bloviator has written about the decline and forthcoming death of the labor movement. They happily point to Wisconsin, where Republican Gov. Scott Walker shortly after taking office in January 2011 took advantage of a Republican majority in the House and Senate to ram through legislation that


American Patriotism in Hyper-Drive

It’s midway between Flag Day and Independence Day. That means several million copies of full-page flags printed on cheap newsprint, June 14, have been burned, shredded, thrown away, or perhaps recycled. It’s an American tradition. Flag Day was created by President Wilson in 1916 on the eve of the American entry into World War I.


Is It Time to Retire the “99%” ?

Walter Brasch argues that doing away with the rhetorical distinction between the “1%” and the “99%” is good for the economic justice movement. Do you agree? Post comments below!   It’s time to retire the 99 percent. Not the people, but the slogan that identifies the Occupy Movement. “We’re the 99 percent” slogan focused upon

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