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The 2016 Elections: 6 Takeaways for the Economic Cooperation Movement

1. Because capitalism. The election of America’s most prominently parasitic and malicious real estate capitalist to Chief Executive says “this is what happens, Larry.” An economic system based on predatory finance, making money through exploitation of labor, extraction of the planet, and the financial leverage of money itself, gets us mass immiseration, deep cultural divisions,


The Church and Trans-sexuality

Newspaper La Razón (Print Edition) Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti January 1, 2016 In the context of the Bolivian process of change toward a more just and inclusive society, the inclusion of homosexuals and trans-sexuals seems to be among the demands lagging furthest be-hind. One of the reasons for this delay is the continuing power of

Thoughts on Wolin

[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] Yesterday evening, at the reception to mark the opening of this year’s Association for Political Theory conference, a moment of silence was asked for to honor the legacy and the passing of Sheldon S. Wolin, a tremendously incisive and important political theorist and historian of political philosophy who passed away

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Their Fiscal Conservatism and Ours

A few weeks ago, in “Financial Insecurity Ruins Our Lives: Let’s Change the Game,” I discussed poverty’s association with failed relationships, poor health, and mental illness. Poverty exacerbates those. Fiscally “liberal” policies that reduce poverty are good, as are charitable institutions. But they don’t strike too deeply at the roots of the problem, they are

What Cuba Teaches us About Equality, Sustainability–and Poverty

[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] Every since President Obama announced that the U.S. would relax its travel and economic restrictions on and open up normal diplomatic relations with Cuba, the predictable people have been making the predictable denunciations, while the American people have seemed pretty clearly able to recognize–at least this once!–a pointless policy leftover

Barack Obama y Evo Morales

Barack Obama and Evo Morales?

Recently there have been heard some voices calling for the government of Evo Morales in Bolivia and the one of Barack Obama in the United States to draw closer. ¿Could that be possible? Considering that the White House had its romantic interludes with Bolivia, it’s necessary to review them in order to discover what the

What Happens When Parties and Elections Change, and Constitutions Don’t

[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] Yesterday, Ezra Klein summed up the Obama presidency thusly: “Obama [has] pushed more change through the political system than any serious observer expected….[b]ut he’s done it by accepting–and, in many cases, accelerating–the breakdown of American politics. Judged against the rhetoric of his [2008] campaign, his presidency has been both an

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