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For A New Divestment Movement

Why public entities should not put money into private banks Inspired by the anti-apartheid divestment movement of the 1980s, climate change activist groups spearheaded by 350.org are agitating for colleges, universities, and municipalities to refrain from investing in fossil fuel companies and develop new pension and other portfolios that keep public cash pools from financing


Confessions of a Juiced Journalist

Before Congress creates yet another useless special investigation committee and subpoenas me, I wish to come clean and confess. I took steroids. Strong steroids. The kind that bulk you up and make you look like Stone Mountain. In my case, they just fattened me up, gave me rosy-red cheeks, and destroyed about half of my


We Can Dissertate For You Wholesale

I was pushing the deadline, desperately flipping through newspapers and magazines, trying to find a news hook upon which to hang this week’s column. Dejectedly, I surfed the Internet. Maybe a new game addiction would help me forget my writer’s block. Maybe I could learn which Hollywood celebrities are taking orders from space aliens. Maybe


The Most Important Vote I’ll Make on November 6th

Two weeks from today, I’ll be able to vote for my preferred candidate for president of the United States, for my regional congressional representative, for my local state house and senate representatives, and for various judges and city officials. All of those votes are relevant to my life–but the most important vote will be the

How The Right-Wing’s Ideological Crusades Cost Them Their Best Politicians

[The essential go-to New York Times election-numbers blog, 538, has just run a piece titled “The End of a Kansas Tradition: Moderation.” To those of us on the left who live here in Kansas, that wasn’t any surprise; over the past two years, we’ve been watching the pseudo-libertarian/faux-Constitutionalist true believers, led by Governor Sam Brownback,

Down the Rabbit Hole at the RNC

Tumblr sent convention correspondents to cover the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Here’s Tumblr correspondent Meg Lanker-Simons on attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. Monday: Arriving in Wonderland After cramming every passenger possible on board United Flight 741, departing Denver International Airport, the bored-looking flight crew began playing the instructional safety video. I settled in,

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