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“Nothing is Inevitable” — Muhammad Sahimi on Iran, Nuclear Development, Israel and the U.S.

Muhammad Sahimi is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and holds the NIOC Chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California. He is also lead political columnist for the website PBS/Frontline/Tehran Bureau. His recent piece, “Intervention Proponents Try to Scuttle Nuclear Talks with Iran,” takes media figures and neoconservatives to task for


Henry Giroux on Penn State, College Athletics, and Capitalism: Solidarity “impossible when sports are driven by market values”

Although the circumstances that occasioned it were troubling, it was an honor to finally get to speak with Henry A, Giroux, who currently holds the Global TV Network Chair Professorship at McMaster University in the English and Cultural Studies Department. A prolific author on the intersections of capitalism and education,  he was named as one


Have You Been Listening to Political Context on Blog Talk Radio?

If you haven’t been listening to the Political Context podcast, you’ve been missing in-depth conversations with great progressive activists, organizers, writers and thinkers. All the podcasts are permanently archived at blogtalkradio.com, so you can listen to them and download them any time. We are also on iTunes! On October 20, Christine Owens, Executive Director of


AFNC Chairman Hill: America First Party “highly unlikely” to run national candidates in 2012

  In 2002, a group of Pat Buchanan supporters left the Reform Party to form the America First Party, a group Wikipedia calls “paleoconservative,” and which opposes homosexuality, abortion, gun control, affirmative action, and illegal/unlimited immigration. We spoke with National Chair Jon Hill, who was pessimistic about the party’s chance of running national candidates in

More than Zelaya: Multilayered Resistance in Honduras

Is the significance of Manuel Zelaya’s return to Honduras really about the brokerage of the Organization of American States? Is it even really about Zelaya himself? Reports from Honduran citizens, and my interviews with scholars and observers on the ground in Honduras, suggest otherwise. Yesterday, the legitimately elected and illegitimately removed President of Honduras, Manuel

Our Top Interviews: 2009

We began podcasting under the “Shared Sacrifice” name shortly after Gary Barkley returned from Iraq and published “Shared Sacrifice: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Global War on Terror.” Our goal was twofold, and was, in somewhat primordial form, the same as it is now at politicalcontext.org: Facilitate in-depth discussions on a broad array of progressive issues,

“Human justice is at stake” : Saudi poet & human rights activist Ahmed Al-Mulla on the struggle for freedom

Ahmed Al Mulla has published four volumes of poetry including ‘Thalla Yataqassaf’ (1995), ‘Khaleef Wa Mael Kanesyan’ (1997), ‘Sahm Yahmos Bi Ismi’ (2005) and ‘Tamareen Wahsh’ (2010). He has previously spoken on American radio programs concerning the protests in Saudi Arabia. You can find some of his poetry here.  Last week, Al Mulla told the

Weekend Review

It’s been a busy week here at Politicalcontext.org. Editor Matt J. Stannard has two new editorials this week: a brand new piece on Saudi Arabia and the bourgeois media’s stoking fears of a revolution there, and a piece lamenting our worship of celebrities during Oscar season. Speaking of the Oscars, we’re fortunate to have award

“Today’s deficits do not burden future generations…” Straight talk about government spending with Marshall Auerback

One of the most oft-deployed claims against the Obama administration, and the underlying concepts of social services, government spending, and social responsibility itself, is that deficits kill the economy. In fact, if you listened to deficit hawks from both major parties, as well as libertarian doomsayers, you’d think deficit spending was not just bad, but

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