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The Revolution Against FIFA

Newspaper La Razón Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti June 19, 2015 Those who think that Joseph Blatter’s promise to resign as president of FIFA will do away with corruption in that organization are very wrong. In order to understand this, it’s necessary to make a brief analysis of the situation. Blatter said that he would convene

After the victory of the Cuban revolution in 1959, United States, and the Catholic Church demonized all left antagonizing it with God. Then came the military dictatorships.

The Pope and Justice

This coming 8th of July, Pope Francis will continue to break the mould as he sets foot on the land of the Bolivian revolutionary Evo Morales during a visit that promises to be historic for a Church that has not always been on the side of the poor, the victims, and the marginalized. At the


Socialist Christianity?

On Wednesday the 4th of February, 2015 I had the chance to be present at a press conference in front of the White House. From Mexico had come the celebrated Father Gregorio Lopez Geronimo, better known as Father Goyo: a priest of indigenous purepecha (Tarasca) blood, who did his thesis on Karl Marx, the Communist

The Dysfunctional State Of This Great Union

I listened to portions of the State of the Union, more so that I would not sound ignorant when asked about it by family and associates.  Turns out, I missed nothing:  the speech was predictable and filled with platitudes, promises and pontificating. The POTUS threatening to use veto power and executive privilege as well as


Why It’s Time to Reject the Duopoly

Most Americans want a fair economy, not one that stacks the deck for people who already enjoy a stacked deck. But both major parties accept the inevitability of corporate-centered capitalism, a system which cannot be reformed and will destroy the planet. Over 70 percent of the public supported a publicly-run health care option, but both

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