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Terrorism Strengthens Imperialism

Terrible news from Bulgaria, as “An explosion on bus carrying Israeli tourists at the airport of the Black Sea city of Burgas killed up to seven people” today.  An Israeli witness told Army Radio he believed the attack was caused by a suicide bomber. Haaretz reported that an Israeli who witnessed the event said that

La Cruz en el conflicto del TIPNIS

Religion in Bolivian Politics

Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti   It’s not strange to find in history innumerable examples of peoples totally hypnotized by religious beliefs who attack other peoples, murdering and establishing bloody dictatorships, all in the name of God. Religious fundamentalism seems to be the most efficient mechanism to create armies of automatons out of human beings who


Early Evening in the Park

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.” ~Heraclitus I am watching my nine year-old, my soon-to-be-seven year-old, and my five year-old play on the playground at one of Laramie’s fine parks, Laprele, with its Huck Finn fishing pond, its rows of tall pines, and its tiny little river. I am watching my kids’ imaginations

white privilege card

White Blogger Criticizes Identity Politics & Gets Canned: how, exactly, did I stay awake while writing this?

An education reporter-turned blogger whose mediocre work had been featured at Chronicle of Higher Education was cut off from that pub after she criticized a bunch of dissertation titles in African-American Studies departments. She issued the same old anti-identity politics rigmarole: that it’s all about blaming whitey, that it’s substandard work, etc. After getting canned, she

These guys are so gentle.

Love Lessons for Progressives: Wilco is NOT sex music

There will be some nomenclature, some rhetorical subdivision, some dreaded categorization and definition in what follows. Unless you’ve never had good sex, you’ll agree that sometimes, drawing lines is good. Lines like “good sex” and “bad sex.” I had just finished giving the Duchess of Hardcore Activists the drilling she’d asked for. It had been


Uncertain Rule of Law

We face a dangerous new kind of economic uncertainty—uncertainty in the rule of law. After settling with the banks, the government wants the system to snap back into the old rules, with everyone acting as if widespread institutionalized theft never happened. It doesn’t work that way. What assurance do we have that the rules won’t be rewritten again, when more blind forgiveness is needed for us to “look forward, not back”?

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