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Socialist Christianity?

On Wednesday the 4th of February, 2015 I had the chance to be present at a press conference in front of the White House. From Mexico had come the celebrated Father Gregorio Lopez Geronimo, better known as Father Goyo: a priest of indigenous purepecha (Tarasca) blood, who did his thesis on Karl Marx, the Communist


Football 1, Academics, 0

Fewer people know the names of the recent Nobel laureates than the starting quarterbacks for Division I college teams. To find out why, I went to Green Valley College where the regional chief accreditor, unable to find a tailgate party, was grilling the president. “How’s your football team doing this season?” was the first question.


We Can Dissertate For You Wholesale

I was pushing the deadline, desperately flipping through newspapers and magazines, trying to find a news hook upon which to hang this week’s column. Dejectedly, I surfed the Internet. Maybe a new game addiction would help me forget my writer’s block. Maybe I could learn which Hollywood celebrities are taking orders from space aliens. Maybe


Grade Inflation = Education Degradation

As a society we have allowed our children to believe they are all not just above average but superior. Because we’re afraid to hurt anyone’s fragile egos, or not be loved, or because we’re afraid of some nebulous retaliation if we aren’t soft, we dish out A’s and B’s as if they were scoops of


School Vouchers an Entrepreneur’s Dream

I hadn’t talked with Marshbaum for a couple of years, ever since he left newspaper journalism for more lucrative work in the fast food industry. But here he was in my office to ask if I would publicize his new educational adventure. “That’s great!” I said. “You’re finishing the last three years of college.” “I


BREAKING–Penn State Trustees Violate State Law (again)

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.–The Penn State Board of Trustees, still sanctimonious in its public moral outrage, continues to violate state law. The Board held a private three hour meeting, Wednesday evening [July 25] to discuss the NCAA sanctions and the role university president Dr. Rodney Erickson played in accepting the sanctions. Erickson, according to the Centre


Henry Giroux on Penn State, College Athletics, and Capitalism: Solidarity “impossible when sports are driven by market values”

Although the circumstances that occasioned it were troubling, it was an honor to finally get to speak with Henry A, Giroux, who currently holds the Global TV Network Chair Professorship at McMaster University in the English and Cultural Studies Department. A prolific author on the intersections of capitalism and education,  he was named as one


Solve the student debt explosion: wipe the slate clean and make higher education free

The following is a press release from the Durham/Lopez campaign of the Freedom Socialist Party: This year’s college graduates are exiting academia with all the traditional pomp and circumstance. Roughly two thirds of them have taken out student loans to complete their education. For them, the pomp is being dragged back to earth by the circumstance of an average debt that


More Jokes From the Penn State Trustees

Whenever I need a couple of laughs, I turn to the bumbling self-aggrandizing antics of the Pennsylvania legislature. However, in the past few months, the Penn State Board of Trustees has done the near-impossible; they have provided more laughs than the menagerie in Harrisburg. To call either the Legislators or the Trustees “clowns” would demean

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