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Socialist Christianity?

On Wednesday the 4th of February, 2015 I had the chance to be present at a press conference in front of the White House. From Mexico had come the celebrated Father Gregorio Lopez Geronimo, better known as Father Goyo: a priest of indigenous purepecha (Tarasca) blood, who did his thesis on Karl Marx, the Communist

Barack Obama y Evo Morales

Barack Obama and Evo Morales?

Recently there have been heard some voices calling for the government of Evo Morales in Bolivia and the one of Barack Obama in the United States to draw closer. ¿Could that be possible? Considering that the White House had its romantic interludes with Bolivia, it’s necessary to review them in order to discover what the

bandera de Bolivia

Bolivia is not descending Into Rogue State Status.

On October 28, 2013, The Wall Street Journal published an article by Mary Anastasia O’Grady entitled “Bolivia’s Descent Into Rogue State Status.”  A glance at the article is enough to understand why this lady cannot be taken seriously. She supports her accusations with phrases such as these:  “something similar may be happening in Bolivia…reports from

Green Party USA

Green Shadow Cabinet: In Egypt: follow the people

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, President and Vice President in the Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States, shared this message today on the events in Egypt. In Egypt the voices of tens of millions of people have been heard. Following months of protests and demonstrations calling for early elections, and after weeks of intransigence by the


Your Friendly Neighborhood Total Surveillance State

It makes no difference if Edward Snowden, who fled to Hong Kong and revealed that the American government was spying upon American citizens, is a traitor or a hero.   Intelligence agencies from China, Russia, England, Israel, and maybe even Lichtenstein, probably already know that the National Security Administration (NSA) is collecting data of all

Chávez y Bolivar.

Hugo Chavez in the context of history

Thanks to Chavez, other peoples were able to compete in a democracy against the interests of looting, to have access to government,  and to initiate profound processes of decolonization… Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti * When history shows that even the liberators who now are universally recognized, like Simon Bolivar, were resisted while alive by the

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