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“Nothing is Inevitable” — Muhammad Sahimi on Iran, Nuclear Development, Israel and the U.S.

Muhammad Sahimi is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and holds the NIOC Chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California. He is also lead political columnist for the website PBS/Frontline/Tehran Bureau. His recent piece, “Intervention Proponents Try to Scuttle Nuclear Talks with Iran,” takes media figures and neoconservatives to task for


Socialist Presidential Candidate Condemns Coup in Paraguay

June 26, 2012 – Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander condemns the removal of the democratically elected President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo. Alexander describes the removal by Congressional impeachment as an illegitimate coup. He calls upon the Paraguayan Congress to restore President Lugo and condemns US President Barack Obama for not strongly denouncing the

Rubén Costas, Governor of Santa Cruz, Bolivia

A clumsy accusation of narcotrafficking against the Vice President of Bolivia

The charges that opposition politicians heap on the authorities lack reliability and transparency, as their principal –and unsuccessful– goal is to undermine the credibility of the government, in a desperate effort to recover lost ground.       Cambio Newspaper, June 11, 2012  By Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti (*) Some of the media in Bolivia


A Lesson Not Yet Learned: Memorial Day 2012

Today is Memorial Day, the last day of the three-day weekend. Veterans and community groups will remember those who died in battle and, as they have done for more than a century, will place small flags on graves. But, for most of America, Memorial Day is a three-day picnic-filled weekend that heralds the start of


Bolivia takes the right steps to rebuild mutual confidence

Political analyst Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti suggests that reestablishing bilateral relations with the United States, given the impositions of the northern country, calls for a profound national discussion.   La Paz, Bolivia Newspaper Cambio, April ,1 2012 Political analyst Juan Carlos Zambrana made the following analysis following the discovery of armament in a diplomatic vehicle

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