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Bolibya? Juan Carlos Zambrana Sets the Record Straight on the Destabilization Campaign Against Morales Led by U.S. Funded NGOs

Al-Jazeera, which started out as a credible news agency, has become the whore of international journalism and is as credible as the scrawlings of a demented simpleton on the walls of a football stadium. What is really happening in Syria, we shall be reporting in the forthcoming days. Meanwhile let us tell the story of


CNN Should Fire Dana Loesch Immediately

I’ve talked to half a dozen active and inactive military personnel since revelations and details emerged of American marines urinating on the corpses of Afghan civilians. Each and every one of those soldiers told me unequivocally that the act was an obscene, unacceptable travesty, and that those marines need to be prosecuted to the fullest


Venezuela a narco-state?

Representative Connie Mack had anticipated in November 2010, soon after the midterm elections Republican victory, that the first thing they would do when they took control of the House International Relations Committee would be to “take on Chavez.”   Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti November 22,2011 On November 8, 2011, the Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics


Secrets of the plan to attack Iran

The global press has reported on November 3 that Israel, with the support of the United Kingdom and the United States, is planning to invade Iran. That operation started to smell since the month of October, when US authorities stated that, according to the FBI, a member of the Iranian government, through another Iranian nationalized American


Even If It Ends, Iraq War Will Be War Without End

The human costs of this illegal and ill-planned war will continue for generations, writes Walter Brasch. by Walter M. Brasch We know the names of every one of the 4,479 Americans who were killed and the 32,200 who were wounded, both civilian and military, between March 20, 2003 and Oct. 21, 2011, the day President

More than Zelaya: Multilayered Resistance in Honduras

Is the significance of Manuel Zelaya’s return to Honduras really about the brokerage of the Organization of American States? Is it even really about Zelaya himself? Reports from Honduran citizens, and my interviews with scholars and observers on the ground in Honduras, suggest otherwise. Yesterday, the legitimately elected and illegitimately removed President of Honduras, Manuel

Our Top Interviews: 2009

We began podcasting under the “Shared Sacrifice” name shortly after Gary Barkley returned from Iraq and published “Shared Sacrifice: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Global War on Terror.” Our goal was twofold, and was, in somewhat primordial form, the same as it is now at politicalcontext.org: Facilitate in-depth discussions on a broad array of progressive issues,

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