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Saudi Arabia: Royalism and Oilism

Nothing captures the cynical reality of fossil fuel capitalism more than the fear mongering taking place concerning possible uprisings in Saudi Arabia. Where the world should be celebrating people struggling to realize their dignity and gain a voice in the political processes that shape their lives, instead we are being treated to apocalyptic scenarios involving

Government Boycott of Corporate Felons

There has been a great deal of hair-pulling (not at all unjustified) about the Citizens United ruling. I believe our ultimate goal is to remove “personhood” from the list of attributes we use to describe groups organized around their desire for profit while receiving limited liability for responsibility for the crimes intentionally committed for said

Thursday News Jog

Why go blogging when you can go jogging? Our brief discussions of Wisconsin, Cory Morningstar’s climate change article, and Robert Applebaum’s radion show.

2011 | The Race to the Bottom Accelerates

A mass mobilization on a global scale is needed to convert to a clean, perpetual zero carbon economy which rejects all false solutions including green capitalism.

Mass labor uprising in Wisconsin

…over 10,000 Wisconsinites marched on the state Capitol yesterday, students walked out of high schools throughout the state, and public employees held banners along roadways in defense of their collective bargaining rights.

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