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The Church and Trans-sexuality

Newspaper La Razón (Print Edition) Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti January 1, 2016 In the context of the Bolivian process of change toward a more just and inclusive society, the inclusion of homosexuals and trans-sexuals seems to be among the demands lagging furthest be-hind. One of the reasons for this delay is the continuing power of


Two Cheers for the New BDSM Study, with a Dash of Caution about Hierarchies of Sexuality

I am in sympathy with any attempt to vindicate the perception of people who are into unorthodox sexual practices. The enforcement of bourgeois standards of “normalcy” in sexuality is a good example of cultural bio-power, characteristic of the kind of social control exercised in both democratic and totalitarian societies. The fact that even the latest


Pop Culture and Sex Trafficking

  Here’s the story. Snoop Dogg/Lion participated in sex trafficking (“pimping” glamorizes and sterilizes the nature of what he did–it’s sex trafficking). The path toward redemption, if he’s interested, would be to donate to and become involved in genuine global anti-trafficking efforts. But Snoop doesn’t get it. He says athletes “bought pussy” from him. That dehumanizing


Capitalism Stole My Orgasm

A new study by the National Sleep Foundation suggests that twenty five percent of married or cohabitating Americans are too sleep-deprived to have sex. Now, this truly sucks, for reasons I’ll get to below–but what’s nearly as awful is the spin put on this and similar data by mainstream bourgeois news organizations like CNN, which


Fifty Shades of Bourgeois

Perhaps we should be happy that twenty million readers worldwide have embraced their inner spanker and/or spankee. Perhaps we should accept that the vessel of truth is, in this case, highly imperfect. Written as a spin-off of Twilight fan fiction, entirely in present tense, with awkward inner monologues and lacking in any descriptive prose, the

These guys are so gentle.

Love Lessons for Progressives: Wilco is NOT sex music

There will be some nomenclature, some rhetorical subdivision, some dreaded categorization and definition in what follows. Unless you’ve never had good sex, you’ll agree that sometimes, drawing lines is good. Lines like “good sex” and “bad sex.” I had just finished giving the Duchess of Hardcore Activists the drilling she’d asked for. It had been


Miss America: Auditioning for Center Stage

Tucked between the New Hampshire primary and Ground Hog Day, and directly competing against an NFL playoff game, is Saturday’s annual Miss America pageant. Although the headquarters is still near Atlantic City, where it originated in 1921, the pageant—don’t call it a beauty contest—has been a part of the Las Vegas entertainment scene for eight

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