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The Personhood of a Mississippi Zygote

“O.K., class, we have a few minutes at the end of today’s lecture about how the godless Communists created evolution to try to destroy the decent loyal patriotic capitalist society of America. Any questions? Yes, Billy Bob.” “Mr. Jim Bob, I heard about this thing called a person. What is that?” “Good question. With all


Banning the First Amendment

by Walter M. Brasch Parents demanded it be banned. School superintendents placed it in restricted sections of their libraries. It is the most challenged book four of the past five years, according to the American Library Association (ALA). “It” is a 32-page illustrated children’s book, And Tango Makes Three, by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson,

A Pox on Porn

I’m declaring a pox on porn for the good of sex. Sound oxymoronic? Hear me out. I’m not anti-porn in the general sense. I mean, who doesn’t like to watch fucking? We’re all voyeurs. But porn in its current incarnation is ruining sex. Ruining. Sex. Did you know there is an actual condition in which (generally)

The Ancient Erotic: Egypt

It was nice running across these three erotic poems from ancient Egypt. Some of them are even a little kinky. It goes without saying that people have always longed for voluptuous, fertile beauty, celebrated the joys of intimacy, and enjoyed a little (or a lot) of the joyously weird. From a 3,000 year-old papyrus: She is one girl, there

I’d Like Some Sex Ed, but Hold the Sex, Please

On Monday, the North Dakota Senate approved a bill that requires schools to promote abstinence-based sex education: “An amendment introduced by Sen. Larry Luick, R-Fairmont, rewrote the bill, requiring schools to ‘explain why abstinence from sexual activity until marriage provides safety from sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and other associated health issues.’ Sen. Terry Wanzek, R-Jamestown,

Monday Morning News Jog

Breakdown in Sudanese negotiations…food sovereignty in Maine…French fascism…Ann Coulter’s productive gay-serving mouth, and more. On our Politics & Policy page, Quakerdave shares the bad news, lost in the Japan-Libya shuffle, that Southern Sudan has ended negotiations with Khartoum. Southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly in January to declare independence. With many issues to work out, Dave explains: 

Fetishes and Kink and Politics, Oh My!

Whips and paddles and leather coupled with role-playing, bondage and submission, pain and pleasure… Sadly, I’m not describing my weekend but instead some of the activities chronicled in the 1996 documentary Fetishes. Directed by Nick Broomfield, the movie spends two months with the mistresses and patrons of Manhattan’s Pandora’s Box, a fetish and S/M house

Ginny Woolf: Progressive, Intellectual, Burlesque Madam

Last fall, I had the opportunity to attend my first burlesque show, at a small venue in downtown Laramie. The two-hour performance, presented by Tropes Burlesque Laramie, featured music, magic tricks, comedy, an impromptu off-color bingo game, a skilled juggler, and beautiful, lighthearted women in various states of undress. Last Saturday, the Laramie company presented

Political Context: Sexuality

As Founder of Shared Media Cooperative and Publisher of Political Context, it is my honor to welcome you to the Political Context: Sexuality homepage! Here we will discuss news, views, and analysis of intimacy and pleasure. Sexual politics, alternatives, and the struggle for sexual freedom. If you would like to be a contributor to this

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