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The Church and Trans-sexuality

Newspaper La Razón (Print Edition) Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti January 1, 2016 In the context of the Bolivian process of change toward a more just and inclusive society, the inclusion of homosexuals and trans-sexuals seems to be among the demands lagging furthest be-hind. One of the reasons for this delay is the continuing power of


Materializing Empathy: A Materialist Reading of the Seventh UU Principle: Respect for the Interdependent Web of Life

A sermon delivered at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse, Wisconsin, September 27, 2015 My family is partially Mormon, and for a little while in my life, I too was partially Mormon. In the Book of Mormon, which literalist Mormons take to be a collection of writings of ancient prophets who lived on the


Socialist Christianity?

On Wednesday the 4th of February, 2015 I had the chance to be present at a press conference in front of the White House. From Mexico had come the celebrated Father Gregorio Lopez Geronimo, better known as Father Goyo: a priest of indigenous purepecha (Tarasca) blood, who did his thesis on Karl Marx, the Communist

American Christians, We are NOT Persecuted Because of Our Faith

This piece originally appeared at Rev. Eric Atcheson’s blog, The Theophilus Project. Earlier this week, Duke University (a United Methodist school) had announced plans to, beginning this Friday, allow its Muslim Students Association to use the chapel’s tower to broadcast a weekly call to prayer on Fridays, the Muslim sabbath. Today, after a prejudiced son


“All Things in Common”: Religious, Humanist, and UU Calls to Action on Economic Justice

I delivered this sermon on November 16, 2014, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse, Wisconsin. This is a series of challenging statements about economic justice. That’s a huge subject. I can’t cover everything. I’ll leave stuff out. It’s like talking about sports. Everyone has something to point out, to contribute to the discussion.

We Gather Together to Ask . . .

by Rosemary and Walter Brasch Segued into a 10-second afterthought, smothered by 60-second Christmas commercials, is the media acknowledgement of Thanksgiving, which nudges us into a realization of all we are thankful for. But the usual litany, even with the omnipresent pictures of the less fortunate being fed by the more fortunate, doesn’t list well

Joanna Brooks: Mormon Women Take Action on Exclusion from Priesthood

From Joanna Brooks: “Saturday’s Ordain Women action has initiated an unprecedented conversation about power, leadership, and gender within the world of Mormonism.” For those who didn’t hear about this: Hundreds of women (the vast majority of whom attend church regularly) asked to be allowed into the boy-and-men’s-only session of the General Conference. Even non-LDS men are


A Letter to Pro-Life Texans and Wisconsinites

Hi.  You likely have no idea who I am, and that’s fine.  I will simply say that I am just like you, really.  I share your deep belief in God as revealed through Jesus Christ, and I actively seek to do God’s will in my life and my work as a Christian pastor.  I believe


Michelle Shocked Jumps the Shark

I try to ignore celebrities, or the “celebrity” of celebrities . . . that is to say, I try to see through their status into their personalities. But I’m terribly sad this week. I’ve been a Michelle Shocked fan since the late 1980s and consider “Arkansas Traveler” and “Short Sharp Shocked” folk (with dash of punk)


An Open Letter to the Vatican

Dear Bishops and Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, Look. I love a lot of the work you guys have done over the years. You’ve elected some amazing popes recently, from John XXIII to John Paul II. Your ecumenical and nonviolence work has been the equivalent of a quantum leap forward for the world. And

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