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The 2016 Elections: 6 Takeaways for the Economic Cooperation Movement

1. Because capitalism. The election of America’s most prominently parasitic and malicious real estate capitalist to Chief Executive says “this is what happens, Larry.” An economic system based on predatory finance, making money through exploitation of labor, extraction of the planet, and the financial leverage of money itself, gets us mass immiseration, deep cultural divisions,

Interpol FIFA

The Revolution Against FIFA

Newspaper La Razón Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti June 19, 2015 Those who think that Joseph Blatter’s promise to resign as president of FIFA will do away with corruption in that organization are very wrong. In order to understand this, it’s necessary to make a brief analysis of the situation. Blatter said that he would convene


Four Things for Activists to Let Go of in 2015

2015 has the potential to be a year of solidarity. Increasing numbers of people are turning to solution-based, rather than party-based politics. The ever-present irresponsible behavior of those in positions of power makes those hierarchies seem arbitrary. Although many see the mid-term election results of November 2014 as a rebuke of the Democrats, it wasn’t


Embrace The Suck

 UC Davis Economics Professor Gregory Clark has crunched some numbers and determined that the American Dream is dead.  Hearing this might cause many people a great deal of distress and despair—I must admit to at least some disappointment, despite having concluded this for myself years ago.  Growing up as an American, I was always taught—by


Please Give to the Detroit Urban Debate League

Dear Friends: I’m asking you to donate to the Detroit Urban Debate League. Every student debating, anywhere, is worth our financial support. But here’s one reason why I am donating to the DUDL this year: The people of Detroit are facing unique challenges, the consequences of decisions over which they had little control. While the


Crunch Time for Detroit

Tom Stephens of Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management has provided news and updates concerning the fraudulent bankruptcy in Detroit for the past several months. Here is his latest excellent summary of the players, the stakes, and the necessary actions. On Thursday, January 16, 2014 in the Detroit federal bankruptcy court, Judge Steven Rhodes issued a decision


Why Economic Democracy Now? The Reasons Keep Piling Up

What do a recent analysis of the Detroit bankruptcy crisis, and recent revelations of wide-scale corporate spying on citizen activists, have in common? They both suggest that we need to revitalize the public sphere, democratize economic policy, and dismantle the hierarchy created by material inequality. New reasons for building community power and dismantling the power

Hands-on Radicalism

The election of Kshama Sawant, a socialist, to the Seattle City Council, does not mean that large swaths of voters in Seattle have suddenly made an ideological or theoretical shift. Sawant’s election was not a theoretical exercise and voters in her precinct didn’t make the decision to vote for her after reading pamphlets, visiting the

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