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Bernie Sanders Asks Americans: Which Side Are You On?

From Sen. Sanders’ Bernie Buzz: As a Thanksgiving deadline nears for action by the powerful congressional committee on deficit reduction, Bernie sounded an alarm over reports that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may be cut. “The American people have been very clear. They understand how important Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are to the well-being


Most Republican Tax Plans Eliminate the Thread of Safety Net That’s Left Today

The tax system provides substantial assistance for workers – and, outside of Social Security, provides the largest platform for redistribution we have in the U.S. Although the tax system leaves out huge swaths of people – which I’ll discuss in future posts – for the people it targets money towards, it can do it relatively

War Economy

Will Obama & Democrats cut Medicare and Social Security to fund defense spending?

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is whining about military cuts… “We’re already taking our share of the discretionary cuts as part of this debt-ceiling agreement, and those are going to be tough enough,” Panetta told reporters in his first news conference as defense secretary. “I think anything beyond that would damage our national defense.” …and