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A Crock Pot Tax-Exempt Idea

by Walter Brasch A wall of suffocating heat nearly vaporized me as I walked into Marshbaum’s house. In the kitchen was a portable kiln spewing fiery venom that was curling the linoleum. In the den, wildly pumping a potter’s wheel flinging clay all over the room, was Marshbaum. “Got a new hobby?” I asked from

The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction: Methane, Propaganda & the Architects of Genocide | Part IV

This is the fourth and final instalment of an investigative report uncovering and analyzing a global plan to capture and utilize the ocean’s store of methane hydrates. The investigation reflects upon the decades of planning coordinated by the world’s most powerful institutions, including the global banking and investment corporations, global fossil fuel energy corporations, United

Cold Case Democracy: Part Two – Smash and Grab

“There have been two principal aspects to the growth of democracy in this century (20th): the extension of the popular franchise (e.g. the right to vote) and the growth of the union movement.  These developments have presented corporations with potential threats to their power…”  Alex Carey & Andrew Lohrey, “Taking the Risk Out of Democracy”

Cold Case Democracy – Part One: Breaking and Entering

‘Congress has never passed a law that gives corporations the same rights as citizens.  There has never been a court – state, federal or supreme – that decided corporations are “persons” rather than “artificial persons.”‘ ————————————————————————————— “The past is never dead.  It is not even past.” – William Faulkner A cold case is usually an

The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction: Methane, Propaganda & the Architects of Genocide | Part III

The Spin Doctors | Spinning the Potential for Abrupt and Catastrophic Climate Change “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley It is now beyond obvious that those who control the world’s economy are hell-bent on burning all of our planet’s remaining fossil fuels – including those that not long

The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction: Methane, Propaganda & the Architects of Genocide | Part II

Post Cancún: North America. The New Energy Kingdom   On 13 December 2010 directly following the disastrous Cancún conference (“one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War” [10]), a revealing post is found on the “oilprice.com” website. The article is titled North America: The New Energy Kingdom. From the article: “Beyond shale

Gov. Tom Corbett: Pennsylvania’s “Savior”

by Walter Brasch Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett may be the most adept politician in America. With the nation focused upon the union-busting Tea Party-backed Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Corbett has snuck in a plan to mine the state’s resources, increase employment, reduce educational problems, and whack unions upside the head at the same time. Miraculously, the

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