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Football 1, Academics, 0

Fewer people know the names of the recent Nobel laureates than the starting quarterbacks for Division I college teams. To find out why, I went to Green Valley College where the regional chief accreditor, unable to find a tailgate party, was grilling the president. “How’s your football team doing this season?” was the first question.


Suicides and Student Loan Debt

Originally published at All Education Matters. In July of 2008, Barbara Ehrenreich wrote a piece entitled, “Suicide Spreads as One Solution to the Debt Crisis.”  The article touched upon the housing crash, and Ehrenreich highlighted several cases in which people took their lives when they knew they were losing their homes. Ehrenreich discusses shoot-outs in


A Punishing Educational Curriculum

“There are still a few hold-outs among colleges where students actually go to study, develop their minds, and hope to make great contributions to society. This, of course, in a declining economy, is not acceptable.” by Walter Brasch With the nation’s unemployment rate hovering about 10 percent, recent high school graduates are escaping reality by